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100% Quality Guarantee

Strict quality guidelines for optimal results

100% Quality Guarantee

ChilliPrinting.com makes strict quality management a top priority and offers numerous functions spread over the whole workflow, which are the foundation for satisfactory processing and the best possible price-performance ratio.

Quality is our ultimate ambition and ranks first. In order to guarantee this quality, we have taken a variety of measures and standardized them in our workflow. The most important point about this matter is definetely our employees' quality consciousness. That is why ChilliPrinting.com offers above- average assistance ahead of production!

Support at its best
This includes for example comprehensive support in the range of instructions, explanations and product templates. We are constantly eager about offering a detailed data sheet for each product ready for download. Moreover, you will find exact specifications and guidelines in the detailed product descriptions which are helpful for data generation. Ultimately, you can download empty templates for all our products and for all common Adobe software solutions.

In case you still have any questions, have a look at our extensive help center area or contact one of our friendly staff members.

Automated Preflight Data Check
Furthermore, all print data which are transferred to our server will go through an automatic basic check. You will see the results immediately after the upload on our website. We will point out all minor and major errors, give detailed information about the condition as well as suggestions for improvement. In addition, we will also correct numerous deficiencies - precisely adapted to our production and workflow.

In this manner every customer can be sure that the data are correct after having placed the order with ChilliPrinting.com. You will also get explicit and useful tipps for future orders.

Competent Prepress Team
For those who are still unsure, we offer a professional Manual Data Check. Thus your data will be checked very thoroughly by our trained employees. In this case, of course, we accept guarantee for erroneous print data.

This verified data preparation - above all in the area of color management - guarantees a constantly equal print result of best quality and avoids unpleasant surprises - with your first order as well as with following orders.

Handling Issues on the most comfortable way
Of course it would be overconfident to say we never make mistakes. They can happen to anybody. But we do claim that we are constantly trying to learn from our mistakes in order to become a litte bit more perfect every day.

For the case of any mistake happening, we have introduced a safe complaint management, which explains the issue quickly and precisely to our customers. If necessary, we will take action promptly and either reprint or refund your money.

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