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Chilliprinting File Upload & Data Preflight


See how our cutting edge Automated Proofing System works

There are several ways to transfer your printing data to our server in order to handle that on the most comfortable way for you. We are providing upload forms on different sections of our website, so you don’t need to send them via email, although you are always welcome to do so as well.

How to transfer your data
The best possibility is to use the file upload directly on the last step of the order process. If you like to get more familiar with our order process and the different steps included, you should read our step-by-step tutorial referring to this theme.

We provide a comfortable upload form
After the payment of your order succeeded, a confirmation page with a file upload form for each order position will be displayed. Alternatively, you are welcome to use the link in the email, we send out for each order, which brings you to a similiar upload page with forms for each order position. This empowers you to upload your printing data seperately from ordering, e.g. at a later time or by another department.

Single pages vs multi-paged PDF
For both options, the forms to upload the data can be used on the same way. In general, we always prefer to receive one PDF file for each order position which includes all pages and all data needed for your job. However, if you are not able to provide such kind of PDF document, you may also upload postscript files (jpg, tif, eps) for each page of your ordered product. Please note, that we cannot accept this option for magazines and catalogs with 8 pages and more.
For all other products, you are able to switch the upload form to Single Page Upload Mode in order to show you as many file browsers as pages are relevant.

Select file from your hard disk
Click on the „Browse“ button of each file browser to choose the right file from your local hard drive. If you prefer to use the Single Page Upload Mode, please ensure that front and back page are assigned correctly. This is especially important for brochures and any product which is folded after printing. ?In a muti-page PDF document, the first page should always be the front/outside page.

Our Automated Preflight Data Check
After choosing the files and initiating the upload, our Automated Preflight Data Check starts proofing your files on our server. This may need some seconds but the results are shown to you directly afterwards and are seperated in three major categories:

  1. Serious error(s) detected - file is not printabe
    This means, your file contained at least one error which is not correctable by us and which makes printing impossible. This may be caused by creating the file with a software tool not qualified for offset printing or by a completely wrong file size. In any case, the detected error(s) will be listed including a short but understandable explaination how to avoid it in the future.

  2. Minor error(s) found - correction was neccessary
    This means, your file contained one or more minor errors which could be corrected by the Preflight System directly on the spot. The range of possible causes is very wide but all detected error(s) are listed and explained accordingly in order to provide you the best service.
    Please note that all correction done by our system need your final confirmation before we will proceed with our workflow. You will be able to download the corrected file and proof manually if the result fits your requirements. If so, please confirm the corrections by using the specific option in the shown form and click „OK“.
    If you prefer to cancel file treatment here and do another try later on with a new file, please choose the Cancel option. If you insist on sending your original file to production you can do so as well although we cannot recommend to use this option.

  3. No relevant error(s) found - file will be printed as sent
    This means, your file was perfectly right for our workflow and it will be sent to printing without any changes on our side and therefore without any further treatment or confirmation might be neccessary.

Registered customers
Registered customers do have another, additional option to transfer their data. Within the customer account menu after loggin in on our website, there will be shown „Printing Files“ which gives you access to your personal folder on our webserver. A list of files already existing in that folder is shown as well as the possibility to upload new files.

Assign your data to the order
After you uploaded the whished file to our server successfully, please mark all files you would like to allocate to a specific order and choose one of your actual orders out of the pulldown list at the bottom of the table.
Doing so, will make the system starting the Preflight Data Check and showing the results as described above.

Please note that allocating your files to your order is a obligatory and neccessary step as we will not search your personal folder and assign existing files to your order automatically.
Please also note that due to limited disc space of our server we are obliged to do cleaning runs once a week and delete all files not used for a production job if they are older than 14 days. This means it won’t be possible to store files in your personal folder for more than 14 days if they are not realted to a real job with us.


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