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Chilliprinting Order Placement


First time here? Go with us step-by-step through the order process

Please also see our video section for further information.

Nothing is easier than placing an order on ChilliPrinting.com. You may start with choosing the right product, either by clicking on one of the categories on the left hand side of our website or by using the search bar in the top section of each page. The given hits usually are sorted by size and product specifications like e.g. type of folding, bounding, glueing and more.

Select paper, quantity and other details
Find your whished product and choose all the available options given on the right side of the product icon. In most cases these are paper and quantity you would like to order, but in rare cases other or further options may be provided.

Up to three prices are shown
After you have done this, the system shows you - depending on the availability - up to three different production types with a certain price. Switch throug the listed productions by clicking on the prices and see directly on a practical calendar view when the expected shipping and delivery date will be. Remember that all dates that are shown here require the start of production till a specific latest date, which is also stated next to these information. This means, that correct printable designs must have been transfered to our server and confirmed by us till that time.

Also, you will be able to choose the shipping option required for your in time delivery and to see how the delivery date in the calendar view is affected.

You’ll get access to the product details and all our technical requirements by clicking on “Specs & Price Overview”.

Put item to your shopping cart
If all settings are done, go ahead by clicking the „Order this product now“ button to add it to your shopping cart. At this stage, you can add some additional options which are available for your choosen product. This may be further production treatments like bundeling, special folding or glueing for example, or it may be additional service options we are providing.

In order to add other products to your cart, just repeat the process described above as often as you like.

The Checkout Process
To finalize your order, click on „Proceed to checkout“ from your shopping cart page. Registered users that are actually logged in will be directly forwarded to an order overview page where finally the type of payment and some shipping options can be set. Unregistered or not logged in users will be asked to specify their shipping and billing address before.

Clicking the button „Proceed to payment“ brings you to the payment page, depending on the payment you choose before. Please enter your details like Paypal login or Credit Card information here and confirm them with the specific button.

Upload your printing data
In case of a successful payment you will be forwarded to the file upload page where a success message will be shown as well as your newly generated order number. Please note, for any question or help you might need and which is referring to this order, always state this number to our support team in order to solute your requirements on the quickest way.
For your confirmation, there will also be an email with all order details sent to the email address you provided us for this order. This email already includes your PDF invoice.

Finally, you can upload your printing data for each order position over the upload form on the confirmation page and await the preflight result immediately after the upload is done. This process will be enlightened more detailed in another article of this section.

Please note, if you don’t like to upload your printing data right now, you will also receive another email with a link to a page where to upload your files later.
Further on, registered users also will be able to upload their files at any time within their customer account (menu point „Printing Files“). Don’t forget to allocated the uploaded file(s) to your order as this will not happen automatically.

Steps & control during production
If a manual data control or a technical correction has been booked, our designers will work on your files and send you a new proof by email for any changes. Once your files are estimated printable by us and approved by you, the production can start.

For all the important steps of your order, like the order confirmation, the production start and the delivery, an email is sent to you to follow the process. Also, our registered customers can check the status of their orders through „Orders Overview" in their customer account at any time.

For further information, please contact our customer support team.


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