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Online Printing File Formats


Which is the best and what are the differences?

In general we have to say that only Postscript file formats are suitable for offset printing. In opposition to so called „Open Formats“ it is not possible to change or adapt them anymore. All neccessary information, like e.g. used fonts, are already embeded in a Postscript file. This ensures our prepress and printing machines to open and treat with them without any changes of the appearance.

Examples for Postscript formats are jpeg, tiff or pdf.

Open Formats from vector programs
If data from vector programs such as Freehand, Illustrator or CorelDraw are sent to us, it is extremely important that all fonts are "converted to paths". Otherwise we will not have the necessary fonts and the questions arising will lead to delays.

In case of PDF take care on the export settings
If you send us PDF files, please ensure that all fonts are incorporated and all images are in the CMYK mode. Do not use trimming marks or position crosses. We only require the real file with 0.1'' trimming edges.
Instructions for the correct data export from numerous programs are integrated in the data sheets which we have prepared for most printed products.

Our Support Team will be happy to help you if you have any further questions about creating data files.


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