10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Awesome Brochure

Marketing is quite a challenge for companies of all scopes. They compete with each other to reach customers, both offline and online. To make the most out of marketing, a company has to combine both online and offline strategies. 

A commercial retractable awning with a printed logo contributes to brand awareness. The same does ads on Facebook. The key to success is to present yourself everywhere your target audience exists.

Why Use Brochure for Business in the Era of Digital?

In the era of digital, customers don’t forget about in-person interactions. Therefore, offline marketing tools are still relevant. Brochure advertising remains one of the most performing types of traditional marketing. 

A brochure booklet is an old-school promotional item. Nonetheless, entrepreneurs shouldn’t underestimate its power. Here are ten reasons why a business should invest in brochure printing:


Marketing requires a lot of resources. We are speaking about both a workforce with significant expertise and money. Ironically but the former implies rather big financial expenditures, as well. 

What about brochures? They are cost-efficient. To print brochures cheap, you can cut the design costs, for example. Hiring a professional designer or artist can be expensive. You can use design tools for brochures instead. 

The design tools are available for free. You can use templates, customize them according to your branding. You can choose the desired font, color scheme, layout. What is more, no expertise is necessary. The tools are user-friendly and easy-to-navigate.

Contributes to Consistent Branding

You have to work hard for customers to remember you. Basically, the best strategy is to present your company everywhere your target audience exists. That’s why it’s vital to make the most of all channels of communication. There is no point in focusing on one only. 

Apart from making an impression, you have to maintain brand awareness. In other words, appear in front of consumers regularly. Business brochure printing is one of the tools to use. The main point is to create a branded brochure. As the statistics from Lucid-press shows, a consistent presentation can increase revenue by 33%.

Tangible Reference Material for Later Use

Being a tangible marketing material, customers are going to keep it for a long time. It won’t disappear like an ad on the internet. Basically, a leaflet will remain with a prospect until he disposes of it. 

If you make an eye-catching business brochure design, potential customers may decide to keep for a long time. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of beautiful aesthetical graphics.

A Descriptive Nature

The brochure is more than just an advertising tool. It’s more about telling potential customers about who you are and what you do. Why so? It’s compact yet provides a lot of space for text and images:

  • You can place your mission and logo on a brochure cover. It’s a good way of greeting the audience. Basically, you show your true colors from the very beginning. 
  • Once it unfolds, it’s an ideal space for detailed information about a product. You can include its description, main features, parameters, and benefits. 
  • A brochure background usually provides contact information and some data about the owner or company in general.

Multiple Distribution Channels

Brochures are easy to distribute. Here are seven best ways to do this:

  • Place leaflets inside the packaged order. When delivery services are on the rise, you can leave some information about your company inside.
  • Display brochures near the reception area. It’s a good place since customers spend a lot of time there. Many of them would be glad to take some promotional materials to learn more about you.
  • At trade shows, exhibitions, and fairs. It’s good to leave some information for your prospects. This increases the chance they will remember you after.
  • Hand out leaflets during an open day. It’s an excellent way to provide additional information about your products and services.
  • Leave some at kiosks. Why not promoting yourself in the shopping center? Usually, this is for free.
  • Distribute in malls. You can hire an employee to hand out the brochures near your store in the mall.
  • Leave some in presentation folders. Why not add a brochure to a datasheet that you distribute among prospects?

Ideal for Promotional Activities

Leaflets are perfect for promotional activities. With a unique, vibrant design, you can attract many customers. For example, many turn to eye-catching brochure graphic design in terms of Guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing is about making an unforgettable impression. You can launch an unforgettable marketing campaign. For example, organize a flash mob and distribute brochures after it. 

The brochure itself can be the main tool of Guerilla marketing. It just must stand out and deliver a strong message. Get creative to make a statement.

Helps to Reach a Target Audience

Reaching the target audience is really hard. First of all, you have to decide who your target audience is. After that, it’s vital to study it. You have to know everything, from customer behavior patterns to interests and hobbies. 

Once you know what it likes and where it exists, it’s time to start talking with them. However, they can easily ignore you. A banner ad on Facebook or Google can easily be skipped in the array of other ads. 

The ultimate advantage of brochures is that you can hand them out directly to your audience. You can mail the, distribute in the locations where it exists, etc. It’s an even more targeted approach.


This is the aspect where brochures significantly outperform online advertisements. They are so easy to read. Let’s try to compare. When we are talking about a website, you have to work out a proper layout, choose the images, appropriate font, and text size. Colors also play an important role. Even when all this is done, some users may not get the message.

How to make business brochure layout readable? Well, you don’t have to do much. It’s better to stick to a typical layout. People find it easy to comprehend. They look through it intuitively, looking for the desired information.

Provides the Right Amount of Details

Brochures aren’t ads. They can cover a lot of information. You can include there your company’s value and mission, information and products, and its specifications. There is space for everything. 

On the other hand, a small leaflet may cover just the main aspects and serve as an advertisement. You can provide just the basic data. All in all, depending on a brochure size, you can determine how much information you want to share.

Some marketing specialists believe business needs brochures. Actually company needs to have several types of brochures. Smaller ones for general info, larger ones for a more detailed presentation of products or services.

Builds Trust

What contributes to the company’s credibility? A lot of things. Reputation, reviews, expertise, and many more aspects determine the company’s reliability. One more important factor is professionalism.

The first impression highly determines your professionalism in the eyes of prospects. It’s obvious that everyone judges by appearances. Therefore, potential clients pay attention to the way you present yourself. 

All marketing tools, including brochures, contribute to making a favorable impression on customers. Once they consider you a professional, they will be more likely to deal with you. Therefore, it builds trust and helps to increase sales.

Final Thoughts on Why a Business Needs Brochures

The brochures are a powerful marketing tool. They help to increase brand awareness and promote a product or service. Leaflets are easy-to-distribute and easy-to-read. Companies can provide detailed information about themselves, as well as their products and services. 

It’s vital to note that brochures contribute to shaping a professional look. Once you print a brochure with a branded design, it becomes a part of a consistent branding strategy. This, in its turn, drives sales and builds trust.

Have you ever used brochures in marketing? Please, share your experience with us!

About the Author

Anthony Kreychmar is an experienced market specialist. Currently, he is taking the position of a senior marketer in Fortuna Visual. Nonetheless, he regularly provides consultation for startups and small enterprises. Anthony strongly believes that printing is the best marketing way even in the digital era.

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