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Safety & Marketing Essentials

Covid-19: Resources to Reopen Your Business

In these difficult times, many businesses, big and small, were forced to adopt new measures. Many companies got creative and showed out of the box thinking by seizing new opportunities as they arise, but how effective is this all without the right communication?


In Store Measures

Custom Printed Face Masks

Keep your staff and clients safe with a smile!


Inform & guide your customers

Wearing face masks in public will become the new normal, so make sure your in store employees are equipped and well protected when going back to work, in addition, hang posters explaining safety measures to create a safer work environment.


Inform Your Audience About the Changes You Made to Your Business


For brief announcements


For more detailed information


To reach your audience at home

Flyers are perfect for promoting your store or restaurant and for explaining what safety measures you are adopting, whereas Brochures can be used for informative purposes about specific products and how to use them. Postcards are perfect for connecting with your clients on a more personal level, send them a joke to put a smile on their face or a Thank You note.


Informative Products

Hang Tags

Offer discounts to boost your sales


Assure safety in your store

Booklets & Magazines

Provide your product catalog for out of store orders

Use these products for more specific information. Write instructions on Hang Tags on how to use the product. Stickers are usually used for decoration or as a marketing tool, but in times of corona, they can also be used to mark your products as ‘Safe’ or ‘Covid-Free’. Booklets and Magazines are still in, as online shopping grows, give your audience a way to browse through your products off screen.


Design Templates

Menus & Delivery Services

Health Rules

Confidence Assurance

Print materials are a multipurpose collateral, and during these times they can be very useful for your business. Notify your audience about your new opening hours, offers, products and all the changes you made to better fit their needs. This is why we have prepared templates with ready designs for all purposes. Whether you want to promote your new service, inform your customers about your latest updates or make your workplace safer, we got your back! Our designs are ready and available for most of our products and in all formats; just get in contact with our support and let us find the perfect solution for your business and need.


Tipps & Answers on Your Most Urgent Questions

How to market your business using print?

These times call for an old, but gold, medium: Direct Mail! Help people disconnect from the digital world by bringing back Catalogues and Magazines. Send these print marketing materials by mail so your audience can browse through your products from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, people have more free time now to read through your magazines and to appreciate good content, design and paper quality!

How can I take advantage of the current shopping trends?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many restaurants have limited their services to take-away and/or home delivery, despite that, your branding can still stand out with special packaging and labeling. Add a menu to every order so clients have you in mind and in sight. On the other hand, Ecommerce and online shopping is booming, include a brochure to the package with instructions and detailed usage methods. To drive your customer to make additional purchases, send a gift card or a coupon!

How to stay connected with your customers?

Now is the time to reach out to your clients, a Thank You Note or a Postcard can go a long way and put a smile on people’s faces. Steer away from the redundant ‘Stay Safe’ messages and write inspirational stories, jokes, activities that can be done at home, or contribute to society with a list of charities people can donate to. Another way to motivate your audience is by starting a new trend; send a bucket list template to fill with activities they would like to do after the corona crisis is over then ask them to post it on Social Media and tag your business pages!

How do I reopen my business after the Corona crisis?

Staying positive might not be easy at the moment but it is important to keep in mind that the Corona crisis is temporary and that life will gradually come back to normal. Businesses will soon reopen, however, before this happens, inform your audience about your updates. Send out flyers with your new opening dates and hours and safety measures you are adopting. Include a QR code leading to your website so people can have access to all the details.

How to promote safety in the workplace after the quarantine is lifted?

When the time finally comes to reopen your business, take all the necessary steps to ensure a safe environment for both your employees and customers. Posters are a multipurpose marketing tool, and in this situation, they can be used for spreading awareness. Print out all safety and hygiene instructions on large format posters, in different languages, as a sure way to spread your message. Last but not least: Face Masks! Don’t forget to customize your own for your employees to wear in the store.



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