Custom CD Packaging

Create the coolest packaging for your CDs with our custom covers. This is a type of marketing material that will truly stand out! Everyone remembers the nostalgia of opening up a CD case, and finding the booklet. Show off your company and all it’s assets, with the CD packaging. Create how-to videos, animations, portfolio documents and voice or music notes, which will be the most memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions About CD Booklets Printing

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Can I design a custom booklet?
Yes! If you want to create a custom CD cover, or CD packaging, you are at the right place. All of our CD printing services are customizable.
Can I get one booklet printed before I order for larger quantities?
We use offset printing technology to produce our print products, and this allows us to provide the cheapest printing solutions for you. Unfortunately, this means we are not able to provide custom samples. However, please order one of our free sample kits here.
Do I have to include content on all cover pages?
No, it is not required when creating your custom CD booklet. Feel free to leave some pages blank, and you will then receive the booklet with blank pages.
Do I need to keep the page bleed in mind?
For CD packaging, we will need a bleed of 0.1” on all four edges of each page. This is required for the inside edge of the page as well, where the CD booklet will be bound.
Pro Tip: For products with several pages, we recommend using a layout software, such as InDesign. All layout softwares usually automatically calculate the bleed when set up correctly. Please refer to our downloadable templates for the right settings.

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