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Custom Hang Tags Printing

Cheap Hang Tags and Labels

No matter if for apparel, shoes, flowers, gifts or any other needs, our high quality custom printed tags and hang labels will meet your expectations.
Please choose below from a wide range of different sizes, starting from a as little as 2'' x 2'' square format up to a bigger 3.5'' x 5.5'' tag, all with a hole at the top center position with a diameter of ¼ of an inch and printed on classy 14 pt. card stock coated matte.

Please find all of our printed tags products below and choose your prefered product size, paper and quantity.


3.5’’ x 5.5’’, 4/4 Double Sided

Custom Hang Tags Printing 3.5’’ x 5.5’’, 4/4 Double Sided

3.5’’ x 4.25’’, 4/4 Double Sided

Custom Hang Tags Printing 3.5’’ x 4.25’’, 4/4 Double Sided

3’’ x 5’’, 4/4 Double Sided

Custom Hang Tags Printing 3’’ x 5’’, 4/4 Double Sided

3’’ x 3’’, 4/4 Double Sided

Custom Hang Tags Printing 3’’ x 3’’, 4/4 Double Sided

2.75’’ x 4.25’’, 4/4 Double Sided

Custom Hang Tags Printing 2.75’’ x 4.25’’, 4/4 Double Sided

2’’ x 6’’, 4/4 Double Sided

Custom Hang Tags Printing 2’’ x 6’’, 4/4 Double Sided

2’’ x 3.5’’, 4/4 Double Sided

Custom Hang Tags Printing 2’’ x 3.5’’, 4/4 Double Sided

2’’ x 2’’, 4/4 Double Sided

Custom Hang Tags Printing 2’’ x 2’’, 4/4 Double Sided


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Custom hang tags: The cynosure of all eyes

Hang tags are boon for the marketing services as they broaden the customer base and enhance the sales revenue to a great extent. Our inventory consists of fabulously designed custom hang tag printing material displaying carrying sizes ranging from 2x2 and extending up to 3.5x5.5 according to the requirements and the specifications of the users. To ensure durability withstanding adverse conditions, 14 point thick card stock matte material is used as it attaches itself in a tight embrace with the products. Custom hang tags do include a hole with a diameter of ¼ of an inch to ensure that the hang tag is entwined with the clothing or fabric. Moreover, the hang tags wholesale printing ensures that the average cost of the production is reduced. Due to the efficient method of manufacturing, clothing hang tags can be produced within a span of 4 to 7 days allowing manufactures to deploy them as information store houses for the apparels.

Hang Tag Printing: Increasing the sales exponentially

Popularity of the hang tags has increased in recent times as they have been adorning range of products belonging to various industrial verticals. If it is creatively designed, the tag can captivate the imagination of the prospective customers. They are inundated with graphics and images of the products in vibrant color to instantly capture eye balls. As a result the sales increase along with an enhancement in the brand awareness of the company. Due to huge competition in the market, each company is trying to outsell each other. Printing hand tags is an innovative tool that can give an organization an upper hand over its rivals.

Clothing Hang tags carving a niche in the fabric industry

In modern era customers are inundated with messages from main stream media to social media at an astonishing rate about the products and services. It is quite difficult to form loyalty towards a particular brand or a company as many business entities are jostling for the consumer space. Smart hand tags for clothing provide complete information about the product and the numerous benefits it provides to the clients.

An array of fabric makers align with the company to produce custom hand tags for shoes that can educate about the brand value of the products and its numerous attributes. As a result the dealers and the customers have a firsthand experience about the items which is being marketed. The hand tags NYC comprises of the name, category and information of the fabric based products in the industry. Rule of the thumb says that the hang tags plays very important role in enhancing the communication between the clients and the vendors resulting in the transformation of the business. In textile industry with the usage of hang tags for clothing majority of consumers have become quite knowledgeable about the different brands and their performances.

Custom hang tags: Proving to be trail blazers in retail revolution

In retail sector the size of printed hang tags is in synchronization with the dimensions of the product to provide detailed information and attract the attention of the people. As a result, custom hang tags for shoes are in great demand among the customers. They provide basic data about the material being used, brand name and primary attribute pertaining to the shoe.

As far as the design of the hang tag printing is concerned, one should use contrasting textures to ensure that the graphics is more visible to the people. Innovative features such as die cuts are being introduced into the custom printed hang tags to ensure that the product as well as its brand value exudes quality of the highest order.

Hang tag printing: Enhancing the brand value of products

Another symbol that can be incorporated into the tag is the logo of the company epitomizing the value that upholds the reputation of the organization in the market. When hang tags wholesale printing is performed, it is important imbibe logo of the company in each of them to make sure the product is instantly recognizable. Increase in the brand value of the company provides an ideal platform to increase the sales by many notches.

Theme of the tag is very important and it should be in harmony with the attributes of the product to deliver sterling performance.

Positioning of the tag is very important as people in an apparel store might like to check the design of the shirt, its color and would then like to look at the size by analyzing the custom printed hang tag. Hence it should be attached to the collar for maximum viewing.

Some companies tend to use lots of jargons while providing information about the products in the clothing hang tags printing. It is a wrong strategy as the information should be kept small and simple to deliver maximum results. The most important function of the tag is to boost the perceived value of the product by enhancing its perception in the minds of the customer. It will help to boost sales and increase revenues.

Hang Tag Printing: Astounding the corporate world

Organizations around the world are using hang tag printing NYC option to wrap the business presents in attractive packages. In a nutshell, the amazing exterior creates a warm relationship between the business partners and assists the company to earn intangible good will in the market. Moreover, custom printed hang tags are also used by the florists to write impressive messages to the recipients on the behalf of the senders.