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Print Marketing for Your E-commerce Site

The era of digital marketing has brought changes in marketing approaches, unlike the older way, where marketers would print their messages. Today, businesses rarely use print marketing, but one question remains; is print marketing worth it?

Artistic designers continue to play a major role in print design essentials that are important in print marketing, although they may also be applicable in digital marketing for e-commerce sites. We use digital marketing to reach faraway clients, but those near us might also need printed hard copies.

Why print marketing is important

As businesses grow, the volumes of clients increase and sales shoot up as new clients gain entry and the old clients re-purchase. Print marketing will play a central role in giving our clients a touch of your presence even when they cannot see you physically. Print media will give your clients a sense of belonging and feel that you are real. 

Benefits of print marketing

You gain trust with your clients

If you print road banners and place them strategically along the main roads across the states, everyone who sees the banner will remember a business transaction they did with you.

Your name portrayed in the banner will create confidence with your clients. They will take you seriously and bring in more business to your establishment. 

Helps you build a physical relationship

Marketing essay writers mention that your clients could have been used to meeting with you online only. The moment they see your presence physically, they would want to relate with you and feel closer to you. Which could mean more business will flow into your business.

The cost of physical marketing may seem higher, but the results are high, giving your business better profits.

Gives you the chance to test your abilities beyond online

You could have underrated or overrated yourself in terms of your abilities to create a stunning marketing campaign. Once you venture out with printed material, whether it is, brochures, flyers, or stickers, you will have to gauge if your online presence matches your offline presence. 

The feedback you get from the people will give you an idea if you have been doing everything right.

Gives a chance for improvement

With print marketing, you get open-minded feedback on where you’ve been going wrong. You can use this opportunity to improve your marketing and customer service strategies

Double your presence

You could have already made bold steps in your online presence but nothing on the print presence. When you enter into print marketing, you double up on your presence. Which means you get to be both online and offline. This is good news to your business because you are likely to double your sales. 

Boosts product image

The power of visual and touch is crucial to your online business. Your clients could have been used to viewing your products in your e-shop. When your clients view your products in print, they get an attachment to the products. They are likely to view online the product they saw physically and will likely make a purchase. 

If the half number of clients who physically observe your products in print returned to buy online, this could translate into six-digit profit returns in your business. You cannot, therefore, ignore print marketing.

The effect of print marketing on social media for your e-commerce site

Social media means traffic in millions of views, clicks, and website visits daily. Social media users are likely to keep in mind an item they saw in the print media. Then they will try to search it out on social media using various platforms and are likely to buy it.

The following benefits will trickle down from print to social mediain the aforementioned manner. Harnessing the power of social media means more followers for your business pages. Which ultimately boosts traffic to your e-commerce site.

Engage different demographics

Your print marketing is likely to affect social media by engaging users from varying demographics, including age, sexual orientation, and different social classes. Each demographic group displays different tastes in terms of purchasing trends. Which can lead to age-oriented purchases and sexual orientation led purchases. 

Use print media to call to action social media users

You can include your Twitter profile, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and, of course, the website address in your print media. That is a call to action asking them to visit the sites and hashtags for more information.

Once they visit the pages, they will likely see the item you had printed on your print media and give the advantage of traffic into your social media pages as well as your website. 

It could earn you more from advertisers

Your print advertising could earn your passive income from advertisers who could request to place their adverts into your site and social media after realizing you have gained large volumes of traffic. 

Many advertisers target social media accounts that pull large numbers of users. So they can market their products through them and pay compensations to owners of the sites.

You can share your online customer review comments on print media

You could be having several reviews online for your e-commerce store that you can print on hardcopies and distribute in your marketing campaigns. 

This marketing style will give your clients confidence in your brand and your products. Not all online visitors who could have the chance to visit the reviews page. Reviews are important and they will display your business as legit and will likely convert into sales, which translates into profits. 

How to do print marketing

Print marketing is as old as civilization and you could use it as your offline marketing vehicle. Its effect is as much as online marketing and it could bring more business into your site. There are several ways you can use for your print marketing and get varying results from each. 

Print Marketing-Brochure


The brochure is great marketing tools and comes in varying sizes, each displaying unique messages easily consumed by the person reading it. You may prepare brochures according to the size. Ranging from A6 handbills, A5 leaflets, and A4 brochures containing deeper information than the other two. 

When marketing using brochures, you target to print the main services or items that you deal with and compactly capture their information like the way Twitter adverts work. 

You print your business name on the top and highlight your services ending with a call to action to either call, write, visit physically, or connect through social media.


Billboards mostly serve as pictorial connectors between your clients and your business. They mostly target motorists on our highways and roads and, therefore, must capture the main information in a maximum of three words that a speeding motorist can read and consume. 


Banners come in three categories, namely, standalone banners, wall banners, and roadside banners. You can use the standalone banners for marketing your e-commerce business at corners of verandahs or inside buildings. They are good because they capture detailed information about your e-commerce business and a call to action sentence at the bottom.

On the other hand, wall banners and road banners can be as big as 5o meters in length and can provide a base for detailed information concerning your business. You must ensure the main information is well displayed in bold and shouting colors. 

Business cards

Business cards are tiny and can only carry basic information about your e-business. You can use them when you are looking for clients to flood your telephone with calls or your email inbox page to fill with requests and orders. They are an effective way of doing person to person marketing.

Print Marketing- Business Card


Posters will mostly be in sizes A4, A3, A2, and A1 and are mounted on walls for marketing purposes. If your target to market is an institution, you use the larger posters to pin on their notice boards. 

If you are targeting to use notice boards on business blocks, you use the smaller A4 or A3 size posters and make sure you have captured all major information regarding your business.

Loyalty cards

Use royalty cards to target regular clients who frequently use your services and reward them for their loyalty with points that can be redeemed for items. 


Print marketing plays an important role in boosting sales for e-commerce establishments. When print marketing is well utilized, it can concert e-businesses into booming enterprises that rise to top-rated businesses. When an e-commerce entrepreneur mixes online and offline marketing, there is a likelihood of pulling large numbers of clients who can positively impact the business for many days. 

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