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The Chilliprinting Online Printing blog is offering a unique opportunity to publish your content, position yourself as a thought leader and secure a couple of high-authority backlinks for your domain.

We get 25.000+ views per month, have a very high domain authority (SEMrush DA: 38) with these numbers continuously improving.

Our audience consists of marketers, designers and photography professionals. Each article is published on our blog, shared in our newsletter and on all our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn).

We’d be happy to publish your article so long as it’s about a relevant topic and follows our guidelines:

How to write for Chilliprinting

Topics we accept:

  • Printing (trends, tips, how to’s)
  • Print Marketing (trends, tips, how to’s)
  • Design (fonts, colors, etc)
  • Photography (trends, tips, how to’s)

Those are the only topics we cover and accept. If your article idea doesn’t fit into any of the categories above, it will be rejected. Keep in mind that all topics should have some relation to printing. For example, if you want to discuss design, our community won’t be interested in web design but they would be interested in insights into selecting the right colors for print design. Additionally, please note that regardless of topic, we will also reject any articles that don’t comply with the rest of our guidelines.

We won’t publish:

  • low-quality content
  • articles that have already been published on other platforms
  • self-promotional articles
  • link-building-only articles (we allow 1x link to your domain in your author bio; otherwise we only allow 1-2 in-text backlinks as long as they link to a relevant educational & high-quality content on your blog)

Guidelines & rules:

  • Articles must be at least 1300 words or more. The article must be well-formatted, informative, and engaging.
  • Articles must be 100% original content. We run all articles through our plagiarism checking tool.
  • Articles must be of high-quality writing. That means there shouldn’t be any grammar mistakes, typos or unclear phrases. Proofread your article before sending it to us.
  • Articles must be well-structured so please include headlines, subheadings, bullet points and add an introduction.
  • Articles must include images: 1 featured image plus additional images to break up the text and explain your idea better. Use one image for every 350 words. Make sure your images are relevant and 100% license-free. If your image isn’t license-free, ensure you have permission to use it (in this case, state the source so we can link to it).
  • Articles must include an author bio (max. 320 words) & author profile image.
  • Articles can include up to 3 backlinks which consist of: 2 in-text backlinks, if they’re relevant and useful, plus 1x no-follow backlink to your domain.
  • Articles cannot be published elsewhere without our approval (no duplicate content).
  • Once your article is published, we will not remove your post from the site
  • We reserve the right to edit text, images and links to improve quality.
  • We only accept Google Doc format articles.

How to submit your article idea

Once you’ve read our guidelines and made sure your article idea is a good fit for Chilliprinting and our audience, pitch your topic ideas here.