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Custom Ticket Printing

Printed Full Color With Perforation And Numbering Included

ChilliPrinting offers custom ticket printing in top-class quality for your sports or music event, concert, conference, fair or simply for raffle or charity needs. Order your tickets on heavy weight 14 pt Card Stock Matte out of a wide range of formats and quantities.

Please note: All products here do already include sequential numbering as well as perforation for tear off stubs.


Tickets 2.125’’ x 5.5’’, incl. Numbering and Perforation, 4/4 Double Sided

Custom Ticket Printing Tickets 2.125’’ x 5.5’’, incl. Numbering and Perforation, 4/4 Double Sided

Tickets 2.75’’ x 4.25’’, incl. Numbering and Perforation, 4/4 Double Sided

Custom Ticket Printing Tickets 2.75’’ x 4.25’’, incl. Numbering and Perforation, 4/4 Double Sided

Tickets 3.5’’ x 8.5’’, incl. Numbering and Perforation, 4/4 Double Sided

Custom Ticket Printing Tickets 3.5’’ x 8.5’’, incl. Numbering and Perforation, 4/4 Double Sided


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Ticket printing: An essential activity to obtain amazing products

According to the experts, tickets are used for allowing guests to participate in different events. We are one of the pioneers in providing cheap ticket printing with varying dimensions catering to the requirements and the specifications of the customers. Each ticket has a uniquely associated number along with perforation to facilitate identity. Furthermore the durability of the bulk ticket printing documents is never in doubt because they are imbibed on the card stock matte. There are many unwanted people who may try to barge into the parties without invitation. Ticket is an authentic hard copy that proves that the person attending celebration is genuine. In a single session large number of tickets can be printed without any hassles. Generally the standard format for the custom ticket printing is 3.5'' x 8.5'' as it meets the requirements of the majority of customers.

Event ticket printing: Delivering impeccable services to the audiences

It is an important tool that could be used to watch movies and avail access to various areas such as parking lots. People also use cheap ticket printing option to manufacture tickets so that they can watch public event of their favorite role models or music stars in action.

Ticket printing has proved to be a huge boon for the people because it can be manufactured in diverse shapes and sizes. Each one of them has a unique id and it can be printed in customized format according to the requests of the clients. Bulk ticket printing can be carried out on the plain cardboards as they are durable and last for a very long time. A cut mark is necessary for each ticket so that it could be removed after printing in a hassle free manner. While using online ticket printing option, ensure that there is a contrast in the background and the foreground so that the information is readable by the users.

Raffle ticket printing: Indispensable for attending parties.

Perforated templates are also used for ticket printing as they are printer ready for the positioning of the letter or content to be incorporated. Due to a unique number allocated to cheap custom tickets, there are no discrepancies that cannot be addressed in an impartial manner. You can visit local charity events by accessing cheap ticket printing facilities because they do not cause a deep hole in the pocket. The hard copy is portable since it can be easily carried from one place to another.

Companies that provide discount tickets to the prospective buyers help them to procure products at reduced prices. There are varieties of style available for the users to undertake ticket printing. For instance, security thermal tickets permit entry to inaccessible places while event tickets can also be printed in vibrant colors to attract the attention of the audiences. Raffle ticket printing incorporates glamorous and amazing images on the paper to captivate the imagination of the people.

It is vital to select font style, templates, paper stock and also the quality of the paper for ticket printing. Apart from the content, durability also plays a major factor so that the tickets last for a long time spanning the event for which it is intended to be used. Some of the cheap custom tickets are used at event such as fund raisers, fairs & festivals, government functions or even carnivals. If you are flocking to the stadium to watch any match of your choice, it is vital to buy the tickets so that you can sit legally and watch the favorite sport stars.

Companies that use ticket printing service for the customers to attend the product launch functions use them as advertising tools by incorporating logo and other slogans.

Ticket printing: Identifying online discounts and people

To print bulk tickets online, it is necessary to generate unique numbers associated with the ticket. The number plays a major role in getting steep reduction in prices while shopping from the leading websites. Tickets printing cheap are instrumental in decreasing the total expenditure of manufacturing tickets by many notches.
Another important phenomenon is the arrival of the online ticket printing that has helped people to get a hard copy of the virtual information. In office, the method of online ticketing ensures that special staff is not directed to work towards the printing and the sorting of the tickets.