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Business Cards

Hot Foil Business Cards

Make your brand shine and add a classy shimmering foil application to parts of your design. This effect will add the sparkle you’ve been missing and leave a memorable first impression.

  • Shiny gold, silver, copper or holographic effect
  • Provides contrasting designs
  • Different paper options: Matte coated or uncoated
  • Printed single or double sided
  • Minimum order 100 units
Not sure which paper to choose? See our paper and finish guide here.


Business Cards - 2’’ x 3.5’’ US Standard, Full Color, Front Only

Business Cards Business Cards - 2’’ x 3.5’’ US Standard, Full Color, Front Only

Business Cards - 2’’ x 3.5’’ US Standard, Full Color, Double Sided

Business Cards Business Cards - 2’’ x 3.5’’ US Standard, Full Color, Double Sided


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Paper & Finish Guide of This Category

When choosing your prints, the design and formats play a very big role, but it really all comes down to the finishing and paper type. The feel of the paper can go a long way in leaving a good impression.

14 pt. / 18 pt. Card Stock Coated Matte, w/ Hot Foil Gold / Silver / Copper / Hologram

Glossy gold, silver, copper or even hologram effects applied to parts of your layout will bring out your designs. The special foil is stamped into the paper with a slight relief on the edges.

14 pt. Offset Uncoated, 100% Recycling w/ Hot Foil Gold/Silver on Front

A sustainable solution doesn’t necessarily mean waiving an exceptional look! Match our eco-friendly recycled paper with partial hot foil stamping for an eye-grabbing experience. The uncoated paper creates a contrast when stamped with the glossy golden or silver foil application on parts of your design.

14 pt. Offset Uncoated, Off-White w/ Hot Foil Gold/Silver on Front

For adding a fancy touch to your vintage business cards, our hot foil application - either silver or golden - is your go to option; an excellent contrast and truly eye grabbing finish.

16 pt. Black Card Stock, w/ Hot Foil Gold/Silver on Front

Step away from the ordinary with these cool black business cards printed on completely black colored card stock. Transparent or white parts of your design will turn black on the cards. Highlight your name, logo or brand with a stamped silver or golden hot foil and let the contrast do the magic.

16 pt. Offset Uncoated, White w/ Hot Foil Gold/Silver on Front

This look is classic, white business cards with a stamped golden or silver hot foil are the perfect way to focus the attention on your brand as it is an ultimate eye-catching and luxury combination.