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Bookmark Printing

Cheap Bookmark Printing - Your Perfect Marketing Tool

You can find our wide selection of cheap bookmarks printing listed below. Our offer includes four different sizes, from an elegant smaller 1.75'' x 6'' format to a relatively big 2.5'' x 9'' format, all of them printed full color double sided.

All of our high-class and top quality but cheap bookmarks are printed on a stable 14 pt. card stock with matte coating in order to give them an extraordinary surface feel.

Please choose your prefered product by selecting the product size, paper and quantity from the list below.


2.5’’ x 9’’, 4/4 Double Sided

Bookmark Printing 2.5’’ x 9’’, 4/4 Double Sided

2’’ x 8’’, 4/4 Double Sided

Bookmark Printing 2’’ x 8’’, 4/4 Double Sided

2’’ x 7’’, 4/4 Double Sided

Bookmark Printing 2’’ x 7’’, 4/4 Double Sided

1.75’’ x 6’’, 4/4 Double Sided

Bookmark Printing 1.75’’ x 6’’, 4/4 Double Sided


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Bookmark printing: Killer features

The story of book marks goes a long way as they are used to store references in the book apart from being treated as a flyer in the past. We have been doing custom bookmark printing to provide range of options for the customers spanning across various sizes such as 1.75x6, 2x7, 2x8 and 2.5x9. Not only dimensions, but quality is also taken care of by the introduction of card stock matte with variable thickness. It is not prone to wear and tear unlike other materials; therefore the book marks can be used for a very long time. With the availability of cheap bookmark printing, the cost of manufacturing has witnessed a steep decline leading to a significant decrease in expenditure for the business entities. Printing bookmarks is accomplished in two different production types namely eco and standard with each of them accompanied by variable dimensions.

Custom bookmarks: Transforming the modern business

If a business entity is holding press conference, it is vital to include objects or hand outs that throw light on the topic of the conferences. For instance, custom bookmark printing is used to disseminate information about the products and services among the audiences. Therefore, the company is able to expand its market among the prospective customers even if they are spread far and wide.
Along with the copy of the press releases and information by the company, custom bookmarks in bulk containing the name of the products or services being promoted. During the conferences and meetings, Bookmark printing service offers range of flyers that could be customized as per the desires and the preferences of the users.

Cheap bookmark printing: Great Fillip to real time marketing

By ordering custom bookmarks in bulk, it is possible to reduce the overall expenditure on the cumulative manufacturing cost. Moreover, each bookmark is equipped with image and information about the products ensuring enhanced outreach among the audiences. Print bookmarks in order to ensure that they are always present before audiences to create an everlasting impression on their psyche. The logo of the organization is persistently visible to the users and develops long term brand values over a period of time. One of the most important secrets of the bulk order bookmarks is that they should be printed on a good quality material to enhance long term survival.
Unlike the marketing expenditure of the past when the organizations had to spend a fortune into order to advertise their products, the present day cheap bookmarks are efficient, affordable and could be bundled along with other attractive business gifts. If the quality of the item is high, the prospective customers will instantly connect with the company and its business domain.

Custom Bookmarks: Design secrets

Due to the differing business requirements, organizations prefer ordering custom bookmarks in bulk to deliver amazing results in an effective manner. Design is a very important element as it incorporates font, alignments, images and patterns. Perfect harmony will attract the attention of the people. Availing the services of reputed designer is the key to access tastefully crafted cheap bookmarks wholesale in large numbers. They are combined with brochure, stationery and other types of electronic gift items to promote the products and services. Innovative images should be imbibed into cheap bookmarks before they can be bundled along with the books that the people want to read. Logo of the company on the bookmark helps in attracting long term attention of the people while they are reading books or stories. Apart from the logo, catchy marketing text on the product belonging to the bookmark printing services will captivate the imagination of the audiences as they will be able to associate the spirit of the organization with the products or services.