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Business printing trends

The shifting technological landscape of today has brought about immense changes from the eras of the past. What was deemed as impossible to achieve is now a commonly used invention. One such invention that has made everyday life, especially business, is printing.

Commercial or business printing’s popularity has been consistently high since the invention of the printing press. Today, commercial printing generates approximately $900 billion in annual revenues worldwide. While more than 25,000 US companies specialize in delivering commercial printing services. In the field of advertising, digital printing has an astounding growth rate of 10% annually. And technological efficiencies from these printing services have been estimated to increase profit margin by more than 25% over the last 5 years.

By looking at the above statistics. One can easily infer that the potential of growth in this industry is still on the rise. This is likely to continue to be the case in the future as well. Perhaps due to the massive benefits that this printing lends to the world of business. A large majority of companies plan to expand their annual print budgets to increase their exposure in the global market.

Let’s look at a few trends in the business printing. Which are likely to affect this industry in the coming future.

Business Printing—Some Trends for 2021

With the advancement in technology as well as printing services. It is no surprise that business printing services will continue to expand in the coming years. Combined with industry leadership, this advanced technology allows for new products and services to emerge—and business printing is no exception. Here are a few trends likely to affect business printing in 2021.

Hiring of Designing Teams

To be able to execute printing tasks with ease, a company needs the help of designers and specialists. Realizing the need to have an expert team on-board, even small printing franchises are beginning to hire a design team. This team may be a graphic designer team, in some cases. Other companies are seeking ways to expand their teams of graphic designers as well as digital print experts.

To ensure that companies are competitive in the marketplace. The growth of this area of business has become mandatory for many companies. Additionally, instead of relying solely on print income. These companies are now able to earn profits from logo design and website design.

The Rising Popularity of Shimmering and 3-D Effects 

In the coming year, and beyond, a new technique is forecast to make headlines in the world of commercial printing. The shimmering technique is a multi-part process that creates a unique effect on the printed stock. It highlights one or more areas of print design that makes it stand apart from the rest of the printed page with a shimmering effect.

Similarly, 3-D effects in the printing of brochures, menu cards, wedding invitations. Even business cards are booming and the popularity of these two techniques is likely to grow in the future as well.

The Increasing Use of Laser Cutting

Laser-cutting is another major production technique likely to affect the business printing landscape in 2021 and beyond. Unlike the shimmering effect, this process is more intricate, but provides the same dramatic effect. This laser-cutting is unique. In the sense that it can be used for accurate cuts on any printing file in order to reach the correct finished size.

However, the reason for its rising popularity is that laser-cutting allows printers to accurately outline even the most delicate design. In addition to creating a unique textured effect. Combined with gold or colored foil. This laser-cutting technique is sure to provide a beautifully crafted finished product for commercial use.

The Growth of Digital Marketing

According to some estimates, commercial printing companies that lend digital marketing services in addition to their core services. Stand a better chance of increasing revenues and remaining competitive in the industry. This is because digital marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising.

Take, for example, social media, whose ads are the best example of how one looping piece can reach a large number of targeted viewers. To make the most out of marketing efforts, marketing translation services are also playing a significant role. Other than this, digital marketing services include website hosting services, podcast creation, email marketing. And other services that are forecast to grow its business throughout 2021.

The Availability of Mail List Sourcing

Mail opportunities are an excellent way of multiplying the exposure of a business in the community. The use of mail list sourcing can be estimated through the example of restaurants, fitness centers, and shopping outlets. Which all offer discounts, grand opening benefits, and coupons to local residents via mail list sourcing.

Additionally, these mail lists have been readily available to businesses for more than two decades. And it is easier than ever now to customize these lists on the basis of variable demographics.

Those advertisers who want to target a specific age group or income bracket can make use of mailing lists to narrow down their results and contact their customers. This trend is likely to continue in 2021 and after that, when companies realize the importance of mail list sourcing to target their customers. This may also be because of the benefits that this mail listing provides for reducing customer overhead and increasing their profit margins. 

An Increase in Direct Mail Marketing 

One of the most basic forms of advertising is direct mail marketing campaigns. This is because custom postcards designs can easily route through individually sourced lists or include them in multi-company offerings. Direct mail marketing is also an excellent source of reaching out to new customers.

Direct mail campaigns are relatively inexpensive, and a great way to maintain a good public image in the eyes of the global customer. This is why this trend is likely to witness an upward trend in 2021.

Direct Mail

Upward Trend in the Use of Print-ready Art Sources

In the world of commercial printing, one of the most critical areas is the print resolution of source images. Since the majority of customers have an idea of what they are looking for, they expect that any photo will produce an amazing, finished product. This is where posters print-ready art sources come into effect. The need for print-ready art sources is such that designers often request artwork from their customers in high-resolution Adobe InDesign version.

Poster design

Even the text documents have to be created and typeset in order to create a polished finished document. Additionally, smartphone cameras of today are making it easier to provide print-ready files for business use. These images are available to create print-ready art fonts in a minimum of time and at affordable prices.

The Continuing Efforts for Recycling 

The commercial and business industry is notorious for waste, and it is an unavoidable cost of doing business. It is estimated that setting up a press or high-speed copier roughly requires 50 sheets of waste. Additionally, the mixing of inks and setting of rollers in the exact spot is often time-consuming as it requires several trial-and-error test runs.

However, efforts are now making efforts to contain and reduce these wastes at the machine facilities.
For example, cutting waste is now reused whenever possible, and paper rolls in special sizes are available to avoid excess cutting and waste, along with recycling of toners, liquid inks and printing products. Other than that, many print facilities are planning to ramp up their recycling efforts in the year 2021, while including in-house recycling to decrease waste. 

Business Specializations and Services

According to some analysts and industry experts, there are essentially two ways that commercial printing companies can increase their impact on the global market—through specialization and servicing. Those companies that wish to specialize in particular good or service provide value for industries in a number of different ways. This is also due to the fact that now all commercial printing companies practically use specialized rare papers, precision laser cuts and promotional items.

Other than that, those companies which are able to grab wholesale items are in a better position to service other printers in the area. This is due to the fact that businesses that serve a particular service are able to hone their industry. In 2021 and subsequent years, many of the companies serving the commercial print industry will likely specialize in one area and serve a particular niche. 

Diversification Strategies

One other way that commercial printing companies can choose to set themselves apart is through diversification. For example, many motivated individuals started off in the world of printing through a small franchise or a copy store, but over time, these entrepreneurs realized that growth and success required expansion and they branched out into other print-related areas such as digital marketing and signage.

In fact, some of the fastest-growing print companies have taken over other companies so that they could proceed with their diversification strategies. This is why diversification is likely to remain a viable trend in the coming years. 

The Last Word

Business printing is one of the most rapidly advancing fields in the huge world of printing. This industry is likely to witness growth in 2021, thanks to advancing technology in the field of printing and design. The sustainability of companies in this business is also high. Simply because even small companies need printed material, which is why it will never go out of use.

However, companies in the printing business can make use of diversification and specialization strategies. In order to stay above the competition and generate enough revenue streams for a successful global position.

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