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Marketing Tips for Healthcare

Most people think that print marketing has lost its relevance in this digital era and in the healthcare industry, but this is not true. Print marketing proves to be the best way to stand out in the crowded online world. Combining print marketing and digital marketing can be the perfect way to generate new leads and increase brand awareness in the healthcare sector.

A recent survey conducted by the Temple University for the US Postal Service showed that physical ads and print marketing have more impact and emotional weight than digital marketing and ads. With print marketing, prospective customers can get more details about your products and develop an emotional and subconscious desire for the products. 

Print marketing in the healthcare industry

Over the years, print marketing and advertising prove to be the most reliable and effective ways of reaching out to more prospective customers and clients in the healthcare industry. The well-printed advert materials can help you connect with a broader audience and showcase your company’s credibility and lots more.

As a business owner or company in the health sector. You need a marketing strategy that captures the attention of your target audience and convinces them to trust you for the best and excellent service. High-quality print marketing can help you achieve this goal. You need to know the following things about print marketingin the health industry.

1. Print Marketing Boosts Your Credibility as a Company

Investing in high quality printed materials like booklets, leaflets, direct mail marketing, goes a long way in proving to your audience that you are a trustworthy and legitimate business. Your printed materials and campaigns will help inform your target audience about your organization’s activities. And provide them with instant answers and clarifications when they visit your company or organization.

However, you must note that the key and strategy of having positive results and massive success when it comes to using print marketing is quality. Also using digital and high-quality printed materials creates a positive image of the professionally of your company. On the other hand, using poor printed materials and pixelated images gives your company a non-professional look.

2. Print Marketing Compels More Action

Although print marketing and advertising may seem archaic in this digital era, it is still the most effective. Studies reveal that prospective customers trust print marketing than all other forms of marketing. 

A prospective customer can skim through your website or digital ad in less than 15 minutes without being convinced enough to order for your healthcare product. But on the other hand, when a prospective customer reads your printed booklet or leaflet. They are more engaged for a longer time. This can cause them to order your product immediately. For instance, a prospective customer can be convinced easily to buy marijuana cleanse. After reading through a review in your printed leaflet.

3. Print Marketing Compels Higher Audience-Attention Spans

When health care companies choose to advertise their products and service using digital marketing alone. There’re contending against a lot of factors. There are a handful of other prestigious healthcare organizations with vibrant social media followers and profiles on their active websites. It is sometimes difficult to thrive in this competitive condition and getting the attention of potential clients.

On the other hand, print marketing compels the attention of the audience more, as they will have to take time to read through every detail and information at hand. The target audience will tend to relate more with print materials than digital ads, especially in healthcare products.

4. Print Marketing Appeals More to a Wider Audience

As a healthcare business or company, you cannot quantify the joy. And fulfillment that comes from having a wide spectrum of customers connecting with your brand across the globe. With the right advert strategy put in place, all those who need your product will easily connect with you. 

Digital marketing ads and campaigns only target a particular demographic audience. But print marketingcan serve all at the same time. It can appeal to both young and old audiences. With a direct mail or printed leaflet campaign you can reach out to more people who might not be privileged to see your ad online.

5. Print Marketing Makes More Impact Nowadays

In an era where most companies are taking their adverts online, the old has suddenly become new again. As print marketing becomes the latest trend specially in healthcare industry. But this is not like the days of old. In this day and time, companies have more information and data to create compelling content and sales copy. Nowadays, customers’ email inboxes are sales letters, campaigns, and ads, most of which are unread. Considering the limitations of digital ads, sharing printed ad materials can go a long way in increasing your sales.


Print marketing is the most effective marketing strategy for products and services in the healthcare sector. A customer may not be fully convinced to buy a healthcare product just by reading the ad online. But may trust printed material about the same healthcare product. Moreover, the power of print marketing cannot be overemphasized in the healthcare industry.

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