7 Print Design Holiday Marketing Tips

The upcoming holiday season is usually the year’s busiest shopping period. Businesses understand that this is the time of the year that sales are at their peak, which is also true for the printing industry. Your holiday marketing efforts should stand out from the rest of the pack if you want to get your own share of the pie. 

You need to take advantage of this time of the year to get the most out of your marketing efforts. According to a insights study by Yahoo, 40% of annual sales are made during the last two months of the year — November and December. You might be thinking that it’s too early to market for the holidays, but a Google study revealed that a lot of shoppers start their Christmas shopping research months before the holiday season. 

Print marketing helps shape your brand, influence buyer decisions, and motivate purchases this holiday season. This print holiday marketing guide will help you to take advantage of the most eye-catching color printing and graphic design for your holiday marketing campaign and give you maximum exposure to your customers during this crazy buying season. 

Tip #1: Attract customers with a visual signage.

Nothing screams “Hey, it’s the holiday season!” than a colorful signage. Signs boost sales; that’s a fact. A great sign attracts a lot of customers, especially if you include attention-grabbing elements to your design. You can play around with colors and witty text to make your signage stand out. 

When it comes to visual signs, bigger is always better. In fact, switching your storefront sign with a larger one can increase your revenue by seven percent. A study conducted by Ketchum Global Research and Analytics reveals that 76% of customers are more willing to enter a store they have never visited before based on the sign. Without a good signage informing or directing your customers, you might miss a lot of sales opportunities.

A good holiday signage is a strategic way of telling your customers that you’re ready for the holiday season. It doesn’t have to be as big as a billboard to catch your customer’s attention, it can be a colorful poster outside your store. A well-written and well-designed signage is more important. Double-check everything before having the sign printed out because a misspelling or wrong grammar can do more harm than good. 

Tip #2: Surprise your customers with direct mail. 

In this digital age, a direct mail campaign can give your customers a nice surprise. Although emails, social media messages, and online advertising offer convenient ways of reaching out to your customers, direct mail can also be a powerful tool this holiday season. According to the US Postal Service, three out of four direct mail customers open their mails the same day they were delivered. Sending a Christmas postcard or a simple greeting can greatly improve your brand reputation. 

Here’s a note, though: don’t send out a generic mail. Take some time to personalize your direct mails so that your customers would feel more important. You can also use it to promote your holiday promos and discounts to get them to visit your store. 

Tip #3: Craft a special holiday menu.

If you’re in the food or restaurant business, the holiday season is a very busy season for your business as people tend to eat more. They particularly love holiday food, such as Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, pumpkin soups, and Christmas-themed sweets. You can boost your revenue by creating a special menu or drink for the holidays. For example, you can feature a pumpkin cake or other pumpkin desserts just in time for Thanksgiving. After that, you can feature Christmas-themed foods on your menu. 

Tip #4: Give away some punch cards. 

You’ve probably got your own collection of Starbucks planner by getting coffee and lattes every day just to complete their punch card. You can think about how to use this strategy to turn your ordinary customers into repeat customers. 

Customers love freebies. If you give them a punch card ticket that gives them a free item or a discount after a couple of visits, people would choose to come back to your store and this would prevent them from going to your competitors. 

Tip #5: Include food recipe tags in your products. 

This strategy is not limited to food and restaurant businesses. Any business that sells food, drinks, or ingredients can add an extra special touch to their products by including a custom recipe tag. For example, if you are selling candies, you can include a food recipe for a dessert that makes use of the candies you are selling. Or you can include an idea for a giveaway loot bag for Halloween or Christmas. There’s a lot you can do; you just need to flex your creative muscles to think of a custom tag that your customers will love. 

Tip #6: Flyers still work. 

This strategy might be old, but it still works. According to a DMA research, almost 50% of customers actually visit the store being advertised, requested more information, or bought a product after getting a flyer. Distributing flyers or leaflets is one of the traditional but effective methods of marketing. 

This holiday season, a lot of businesses will be handing out flyers. How do you make sure yours doesn’t end up in the trash or at the bottom of the pile? First, create a catchy deal or offer. A 50% offer is more attractive than a 10% discount. Next, you have to be creative with your design. Include some witty lines and some bold colors to catch their attention. 

Tip #7: Prepare small holiday gifts. 

The holiday season is a time for gift-giving. Why not give your loyal customers a small gift? You don’t have to spend a lot on your gifts. Just think of small gift ideas that your customers would be able to appreciate this holiday season. You can also give practical gifts that people can actually use. Here are some inexpensive holiday gift ideas that your customers will definitely love:

  • Business card holders
  • Custom wine labels
  • Pocket notebooks
  • Personalized pens
  • Fortune cookies
  • A nice calendar
  • A coffee table book
  • Gift baskets

Your customers will surely love these cute, classy and memorable holiday gift ideas. 

Bottom Line

The holiday season is a great opportunity for businesses to boost their sales through print marketing. You don’t need to hire a professional designer to create these print designs. There are a lot of apps you can use to create your designs, both on mobile and desktop. Just install the app on your phone or computer, draft your design, and finalize it for printing. Make sure to run an Android cleaner or a PC cleaning software for the app to work smoothly.  Once you’ve created your design, choose a professional printing company for high-quality prints that your customers will love. 

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