10 Print Marketing Trends of 2019

Marketing is always popular, but what about print marketing? Well, if you think that trend is over, you are wrong! Print marketing has been around ever since the invention of the print press, and it is still around today for a good reason!

Print marketing is a traditional form of marketing that many companies tend to forget about nowadays. Everyone is placing too much focus on digital marketing and establishing an online presence, and not enough into traditional forms of advertising.

But why is print marketing important? It lets you get into a demographic that is not on the internet at the current moment and allows you to establish a more professional look for your company. With virtual advertisements everywhere around us, the only way to stand out from the competition is to be original and traditional. There are many companies offering print design services to suit your needs. Listed below are ten print marketing trends of 2019. 

1. The Revival of the Print Newsletter

Print media has always been in style and is never going to die out. Printed collateral have a sense of trustworthiness that virtual marketing lacks. You’re far more likely to get scammed while browsing the internet than the good old trustworthy paper advertisement.

Since everything is on the internet these days, you need an excellent way to stand out from the competition. Try your hand at print marketing, it’s cheaper and proven to be an effective marketing strategy. 

2. Augmented Print

A combination of print and virtual advertisements and marketing has been proven an effective strategy for ages now. Combining the two will get you the best of both worlds and will provide an excellent reputation for you and your company. 

Augmented reality marketing concept

3. Include Unique Coupon Codes

It’s no secret that people love discounts and freebies, placing coupon codes into your advertisements is destined to bring you more customers. It’s guaranteed to attract new clients and keep existing ones hooked on your amazing products. What’s there not to love?

Another thing about internet redeemed coupon codes is that it allows you to track your customers and know what they’re buying. This might sound obsolete, but it’s far from it! This kind of feedback can be beneficial and help you recommend more products and discounts, getting more money and a loyal customer in return!

4. Innovative Packaging

Print advertising can mean more than posters and flyers, remember that fantastic Starbucks paper cup you keep your pens in? This is also a form of advertisement!

That’s right, packaging your products in innovative and exciting ways helps them stand out and helps them spark a conversation, which is another fantastic form of advertisement. Word of mouth is the oldest form of advertising around. 

5. Personalized Print Pieces

Everyone loves customized things, but customized prints? Oh, boy, you’re in for a real treat! You can establish a meaningful business-customer relationship if you employ this unusual tactic and make it work for you! Direct mail, personalized designs, and poster printing are sure to boost business by a whole lot!

Use the feedback you’ve gathered to find out what your customers are into and see the best way to approach them. If you’re looking for someone specific, you need to collect as much information as you can before doing so! They’re guaranteed to be amazed!

6. The Rise of Niche Publications

When you’re advertising, your main goal is to hit your target personally. Advertising in niche ways and niche publications allows you to advertise to your direct demographic without all the complex analytics data.

You won’t advertise your fantastic new rock club in a Sunday publication of home-maker recipes, will you? But what about promoting your new rock club in a monthly rock publication? That’s a given! It’s a great way to spread the word. You can do this with digital publications too, but the paper print is always the best alternative!

7. Expect More Consumer Stories to Feature

What do customers love more than personalized printed ads? To be featured in them of course! Print advertisement allows you to feature feedback from your customer, and in turn, get not only a loyal customer but also all the people they’re going to brag to. Look ma’, I’m in the paper!

8. Enhanced Digital Engagement

Even if this article is all about print, digital marketing needs some love too. The combination of these two is the best way to go about marketing, and each should compliment each other. Both are used to drive customers to your business, and they are best used in tandem. 

9. Use of Texture, Color, and Smell

Now, you might be asking yourself the following question: ”Texture, color, and smell? What on earth are you on about?” But don’t be frightened. Here, we will explain how each one adds to the packaging of a product and, in turn, the general feel of the product. Trust us, it all makes sense in the end!


Remember that gridded lighter you adore? Yeah? Now, you probably remember the name of the firm on that lighter too? Yes? This is our point exactly. 


Color is an essential part of anything and is sure to attract or distance potential customers. You need to research which colors go with what, and which one is best for telling your story!


Stimulating the senses is not that simple, and the scent is also a significant factor! If the product smells plain, it’s going to be written off as shoddy. If it feels nice, it’s going to leave a lasting impression on the person who’s considering purchasing it!

10. Use of Storytelling

Do you remember the phrase – a picture says a thousand words? This applies to marketing via traditional printing methods. If you have a well-designed flyer, it can tell a true story and provide a needed call to action. If you’re telling a strong story, you’re bound to get strong reactions. 

Print advertisements should not be an afterthought. It is as important as digital marketing, and when combined with it, it can prove itself to be an extremely powerful tool. You should never overlook tradition!

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Erica Martin has been an avid blogger for 5 years, with interests in creative design – graphic design, illustration etc. Today she is an expert on the subject and over the years she has consistently contributed articles to designing publications. Presently, she is associated with Artwork Adobe (AWA) – a creative design company. For more visit: https://www.artworkabode.com/

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