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Cheap Poster Printing

Sizzling Quality & Price!

  • Fully pigmented colors for outstanding results
  • Superb paper quality matte & glossy
  • Low minimum order quantity
  • Speedy production & fast shipping
  • Cheapest price due to Seamless Offset Printing
  • Easy ordering - see step by step guide

Customer Experiences


Great service -- on time, great quality at a price we loved!

Jonathan G.

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32’’ x 48’’, 4/4 - Attention: Double Sided Product

Bulk Poster Printing 32’’ x 48’’, 4/4 - Attention: Double Sided Product

32’’ x 48’’, 4/0 Single Sided

Bulk Poster Printing 32’’ x 48’’, 4/0 Single Sided

27’’ x 39’’, 4/4 - Attention: Double Sided Product

Bulk Poster Printing 27’’ x 39’’, 4/4 - Attention: Double Sided Product

27’’ x 39’’, 4/0 Single Sided

Bulk Poster Printing 27’’ x 39’’, 4/0 Single Sided

26’’ x 39’’, 4/0 Single Sided

Bulk Poster Printing 26’’ x 39’’, 4/0 Single Sided

24’’ x 38’’, 4/0 Single Sided

Bulk Poster Printing 24’’ x 38’’, 4/0 Single Sided

24’’ x 36’’, 4/0 Single Sided

Bulk Poster Printing 24’’ x 36’’, 4/0 Single Sided

24’’ x 36’’, 4/4 - Attention: Double Sided Product

Bulk Poster Printing 24’’ x 36’’, 4/4 - Attention: Double Sided Product

19’’ x 27’’, 4/0 Single Sided

Bulk Poster Printing 19’’ x 27’’, 4/0 Single Sided

19’’ x 27’’, 4/4 - Attention: Double Sided Product

Bulk Poster Printing 19’’ x 27’’, 4/4 - Attention: Double Sided Product

18’’ x 24’’, 4/0 Single Sided

Bulk Poster Printing 18’’ x 24’’, 4/0 Single Sided

18’’ x 24’’, 4/4 - Attention: Double Sided Product

Bulk Poster Printing 18’’ x 24’’, 4/4 - Attention: Double Sided Product

13’’ x 19’’, 4/0 Single Sided

Bulk Poster Printing 13’’ x 19’’, 4/0 Single Sided

11’’ x 17’’, 4/0 Single Sided

Bulk Poster Printing 11’’ x 17’’, 4/0 Single Sided


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Bulk poster printing - Our offer and services – fast and cost-effective poster printing

Print your offset posters in bulk has never been as easy as it is with Chilliprinting.com. Quick, simple and cheap you can now order your posters online in bulk quantities in just some clicks.

  • Choose the format of bulk posters you need to print: 24''x36'', 18''x24'' or any other format of your choice between our wide range of posters.
  • Select the type of poster paper you prefer for your business, between our different selection: from 80lb up to 120 lb text stock matt or glossy. Quick tip: for a standard use, outdoor bulk posters are usually printed in 80 or 100lb.
  • Decide a quantity you need from 100 to 20,000 pieces and discover how cheap bulk poster printing is.
  • Proceed to delivery information and payment.
  • Upload your files using our cutting-edge file upload and cost-free digital proof.
  • Receive your posters printed in bulk quickly anywhere you want in the US.

How do you manage to offer such great deals of posters so quickly?
Bulk poster printing is only offering standard formats, in standard papers and quantities. Therefore it is just much more easy to realise economy of scale while ensuring a good quality. What is also very interesting is that for bulk posters printing, whether full color printing or black and white, the prices will not increase much.
But still, if you cannot find the exact product you need, it doesn't mean that we cannot produce it. Use our wonderful chat or email service and you'll get a friendly and quick answer from our highly-qualified customer support within 24hours.

When can I use bulk poster printing?

Bulk poster printing can be used for any type of business. Whether for event, election or political use, promotion or party, be sure you'll find the posters you need to print on Chilliprinting.com.

Event bulk poster printing

Many of our customers order our best seller for their events. Our 18x24, 100lb is the cheapest product you can find. Plus, we can offer it on an economy, standard or next day production time to ensure you won't miss your deadline. For short-term use like an event, you don't need to print your poster in bulk in a heavier paper as 100lb. The type of coating doesn't make any difference in the quality of the posters, just in the way it looks; rather shiny or matt. It only depends on your taste.

Some tips from Chilliprinting.com to ensure a good design for your event, party posters printed in bulk:

  • Once printed, bulk posters must catch the attention. Make you to write the place, date and participants rather big or even in capital letters (ie. 60-80 pt.)
  • Make sure the colors you want to print for your bulk posters are pretty flashy and eye-catchy (ie. Dark background with pretty vivid font colors or the other way around)
  • Nice bulk posters are always printed with a nice picture that will catch the attention of the public. If your picture selection is qualitative, you won't need to have much effort the make in the rest of the layout for your posters, and you also won't have to pay high design costs if you cannot do it by yourself.

Political, election bulk poster printing

Trust online bulk poster printing technology even for political use. Thanks to the high volumes offered for such cheap prices, bulk poster printing is the best way to print even more posters with less budget. You'll then be able to implement bigger campaigns and raise you ROI.

Some tips from Chilliprinting.com to ensure a good design for your political posters printed in bulk:

  • Political bulk posters prints always have a dominent picture. Therefore, first be sure that the picture of your political representative is the best one you can have. Indeed, as you'll want to place the person in the middle your poster, in rather big proportions, if you haven't the best picture ever, the eye-catch effect you are looking for will never occure, no matter how may posters you print even in bulk quantities.
  • Good bulk poster printings always have a good resolution (picture): 300 dpi is the minimum you need to ensure a pretty sharp printing in bulk.
  • Once printed, your bulk posters should look well and rather empty around your main character. Therefore, please ensure you limit the text volume on your poster and that the font won't be so prominent. However do not forget to put key indicator to guide your public.
  • Don't forget some add-ons' for your printed posters like QR codes or social media icons for example, just to be sure that your audience will be able to follow you.

We would recommend you to print your posters in bulk as big as possible, for exampe in a 24''x36'' format, in a rather solid paper, just to be sure that the quality of your bulk posters will be maintained even if the weather conditions are not ideal. This even more because political campaigns are usually running during a longer period than for event or promotion.

Promotion bulk posters printing

Some tips from Chilliprinting.com to ensure a good design for your promotion posters printed in bulk.

Promotion bulk posters are much more easy to design. The requirements are not so strict as they are for political bulk poster printing or even event bulk poster printing. Sure it is also very important to communicate the right message in the minimum space and to catch the attention of your public but it is more depending on the kind of promotion you are organizing. Let's take for example, the case of sport promotion bulk poster printing.

  • Bulk poster prints for promotion uses always have a picture of the sport team running. Make sure the picture is taken with enough distance to have enough space around for other important information. In the same way as for political election, please ensure that your picture is having at least 300dpi resolution otherwise it might turn blury during printing.
  • Bulk posters prints often have a nice moto and a reason for the public to participate to the sport promotion.
  • Design your bulk poster printings with enough space on it to show a fair price visible at a first sight. You wouln't want to disappoint your public afterwards, would you?
  • Normally the lower part of your bulk posters should be reserved for the logo of your sponsors and for social media icons or QR codes.
The standard size for promotion posters printed in bulk is 18x24'' on 80lb text stock.

Some usefull technical information for poster printing

If you entrust us with your bulk printing jobs, you can be sure you'll be dealing with a professionnal printer, that will also do eveything he can to print your posters in bulk as fast as possible guaranteeing meanwhile cheap prices and high quality.
However, in order to do so, we also need to be sure that your posters are meeting the requirement for our cutting-edge bulk printing machines. We will list you here under the most important ones, but if you are not sure, do not hesitate to book our extra technical check service and one of our experts will do an extra check and eventually do the necessary corrections to make sure your bulk posters will turn out great.

File dimensions for bulk poster printing:

Please design your printing files in the format you require and allow an extra bleed of 0.1'' on each side clear of any text or other important elements and keep in mind that this bleed will be cut off during production.

Text elements in the edges of your bulk poster printings:

In order to avoid small white borders at the edge of your posters you should scale the background elements to the very edge of the design format, considering that a small part of it will be cut off with the bleed. All front elements like graphics, text or other important information should be placed inside the final format with a safty margin of about 0.08''.

Resolution for bulk poster printing:

We print with a 70line screen which gives a resolution of 354 dpi. In order to obtain optimum printing results, your printing data must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). If your file is saved with a lower resolution a quality loss may result.
For posters or similiar products which are viewed from a greater distance, a resolution down till 150 dpi may be acceptable, even if not optimal. In no circumstances the resolution should be below this mark.

Color settings for bulk poster printing

CMYK is the standard color mode we use for offset poster printing. You should therefore create your files in the CMYK color mode. If, however, we receive files with other color settings, our system will automatically convert them to CMYK. This may result in slight color deviations which will not be accepted as complaints as we do not know the original color you wished to have. If, from the start, your data are created in CMYK and you access our ICC color profile (available under downloads) the probable result will be simulated on your monitor.

Fonts used for bulk poster printing

For bulk poster printing you should always use Postscript fonts. TrueType fonts can cause problems when the printing plates are exposed. If TrueType fonts are required for any reason, they have to be converted to a vector, outline or curve (depending on the program you use). This action converts the font into a vector so that the original font itself is no longer required.

File formats for your bulk posters

Generally we prefer multipage PDF files for your printed products. The first page of your PDF will be used for the front, the second page for the back. Alternatively you can send us EPS, JPEG or TIFF files.
Adobe Photoshop users should always save their files as JPEG or TIFF. If a Photoshop PDF is required please use Acrobat Distiller to create the file. Please never save a PDF directly from Photoshop.

Inking limit to ensure a good printing result for your bulk posters

The color channels cyan, magenta, yellow and black are displayed in percent in your layout program. Assuming that the file is created and saved with a CMYK color space, the summation of the colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black must not exceed 300%.
If it does, it causes an above-average ink application and can therefore cause a faulty result. Such a high ink application does not dry properly and your prints might stick together and tear on separation.
For a black or grey color please use K (K=key=black) only. If your fonts use three or more colors, shadows can appear on the printed product. To obtain deep black, 40% cyan and 100% black are adequate (40/0/0/100). Alternatively you can use CMYK 30/30/30/100.