How to Promote Your Online Print Designs on Instagram

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Don’t be concerned if you’re new to Instagram or you don’t know how to market yourself on business; this is the guide for you to sell your print designs. While there’s no right or wrong way to go about this, there are some key considerations you need to be thinking about that can help point you in the right direction to success with your art posters.

Let’s get straight into it.

Create a Business-Optimised Instagram Account

If you want to use Instagram for business, you’ll need to create a different account from your personal one. Having a business account is so important because it will open your account up to a whole load of new features that will help you propel your social media ventures.

First, include a link to your site to increase traffic. You only have one opportunity to send a click to your website on Instagram, so you need to make it count.

Your bio, directly under your name and description at the top of your Instagram page, is the only area where your link is clickable. In this spot, always include a link to your online store or a specific landing page.

You also need to make sure you keep a consistent name and photo to help you stand out. If the components of your social media page don’t fit together to represent what your brand is, all of your Instagram efforts will be for nothing. The goal is to maintain your recognizability! 

Choose an Instagram handle that is similar to, or connected to, the name of your company on other social media platforms. Also, make sure you maintain a consistent profile image as well. 

All of your Instagram interactions and engagement will be accompanied by a small thumbnail of your profile picture. Make sure it’s something professional and recognizable! Also, make sure that your biography is perfect, that it is both informative and interesting, to pique the interest of your audience.

Working on Your Language

While we’re talking about your branding, defining your brand’s tone of voice is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, and this depends on what kind of customers you have and how you’re planning to connect with people who are interested in print designs. For example, are you going to be casual or formal? 

Since this is Instagram, you’re going to want to avoid a sales tone and keep your wording light and engaging. You don’t want to be too serious. Instagram is known for having a culture that is distinct from your online store or even other social media platforms. 

Your bio, photo captions, the type of photos you’re taking, your profile picture, your comments, and your hashtags all need to reflect this. You may also want to include a hashtag in your bio for greater visibility.

Create Posts That Gain Attention

You’ve probably heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s harness this potential for maximum customer attraction. Our brains are designed to prefer visuals. In reality, visual information accounts for 90% of the information conveyed to our brains. So, how do you make posts that fulfill this and grab someone’s attention?

Keep in mind that while Instagram is full of shoppers, it is not primarily a shopping destination. People use Instagram for value, so this is what you need to provide.

Start by appealing to Instagram’s social culture, which means you need to avoid hard selling.

When it comes to making a purchase, buyers say social media has a big influence. 

While their friends’ social media posts are the most influential, a solid 38 percent say they are impacted by a brand’s social media, and 35 percent say they are influenced by merchants on social media.  Basically, your brand needs clout.

Visuals demonstrate your items without you having to shout about how fantastic they are. 

So strike a balance between exerting influence and appearing aggressive, which means you’ll have to get creative with the photos of your print designs.

Product Promotion

Promote your products with photos that are both creative and professional. Product photographs have always been important in online buying, and Instagram’s visual platform takes that power to new heights! Detailed visuals are more valuable to 67 percent of customers than product information or even customer ratings when it comes to making a purchase.

It’ll come off as sales if you post a product photo and description following the product photo and description. Make sure you post other things outside of this. Most marketers follow an 80/20 rule, which means 80% value content, and 20% promotional.

Instagrammers aren’t looking for pure sales pitches.

In terms of the photos themselves, you need to make sure you’re posting photographs that are eye-catching, one-of-a-kind, and full of personality.

Consider using social media, such as Instagram, to build a relationship and culture with your fans. 

If you do it well, your followers will come to you when they’re ready to shop since you’ve already established a relationship with them. Make sure you use professional-quality photos, and you’re editing them properly. Instagram’s format automatically crops your photos to a 612 by 612-pixel square, so bear this in mind.

Make a Statement with Instagram’s Editing Tools

Every day Instagram users post 95 million photos on Instagram. 

With so much visual competition, you need to provide photos that demand attention and don’t get scrolled over. Instagram has a number of in-app filters that may be used to improve the colors and moods of your images. 

Simply maintain consistency so that your photographs are easily recognizable as being in line with your brand’s aesthetic. Decide what looks best with your own eyes and judgment. 

If you can’t decide, research suggests that the Mayfair filter, on average, attracts the most interactions per 1,000 followers.

Photographs with a dominating color of blue receive 24% more likes than images with a dominant color of red, and images with a single dominant color receive 17% more likes.

However, whatever approach you’re going for, you need to create unique photos that capture your company’s culture. Couple with your hashtags, and you’ll have some fantastic posts and a profile ready to wow your customers with your print designs.


Lauren Groff is a writer at OXEssays and State Of Writing. Lauren writes podcasts scripts for several podcasts and loves helping small businesses explore their creative opportunities when it comes to marketing. Also, she is an editor at PaperFellows.

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