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Cheap Custom Posters

How to Print Cheap Posters?

There are a number of factors that would decide the printing option that you should choose at the cheapest price. We will now be discussing about the cheap poster printing solutions that you should opt for. However, we would like to advise you to check what you need before you choose anything.

  • Time taken for printing
    The first thing that you have to focus on is the time that is taken for printing posters cheap. In both the options, you will be getting the number of prints that you want within the stipulated time period. However, if you need cheap custom posters printed and delivered on the same day, you will have to depend on digital printing. Most of the times, offset printing will take more time, however, a delivery within two days may also be possible. In both of the options, you will get custom posters cheap.
  • Quantity of prints
    In general, the quantity for getting posters cheap is larger when it comes to offset printing. When you choose offset printing solutions, you will be getting better quality of prints and that too in high quantity. Such high quantity or bulk poster printing is possible only when you opt for offset printing. It is also a very cost effective method of printing your posters. This is because the cost of the plate will remain the same regardless of the number of prints you are getting. Hence, people always choose offset while they have large quantities.
    However, this does not mean that digital printing needs to be considered totally cost inefficient. It provides a great deal of cheap posters. Moreover, it is highly likely that you get the digital prints sooner than you get the offset prints, especially when you order them with local digital printers.
  • Size of the print
    The next thing to consider is the size of the print. Digital prints usually have a wider range of possible sizes than offset prints. With offset custom poster printing the sizes vary in between 11x17 till up to 32x48. If you go for any size bigger than this, then you will have to shift to digital prints regardless of the quantity of prints. 24x36 poster printing, 18x24 poster printing or 11x17 poster printing are typical formats used along with offset printing.
  • Quality of prints
    The quality of prints is usually higher in offset printing. Here, you would get a crisper, sharper and clearer print as compared to digital prints. It can work on a wide variety of surfaces and produce the same results each time. It can work on a number of looks as well. Hence, offset always provides better quality. The quality of prints is highest and they look refined and professional grade as well.
  • Printing budget
    Offsets usually work on larger quantities and provides you better quality of prints as well. Digital printing is all about providing you speedier printing solutions for single or just a few copies needed. If your major focus is on getting extremely high quality prints, then you should focus on offset printing only. It may seem costlier at first but if you have bulk poster printing orders, the offset can also become cheap.



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