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Custom Posters Done Right

It might become difficult for you to decide whether you should choose digital or offset printing for making custom posters cheap. The nature of print job, the size of the posters as well as the quantity of the posters to be printed will decide the right choice for you. It is important to know that both digital and offset printing provide great quality cheap poster printing. You only need to choose an option that is more appropriate for you. We will be discussing about both these options, the factors that help you choose the best poster printing solutions. We will help you find the best customized production option for your next poster printing job.



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Digital printed cheap custom posters

If you have any special requirements like printing a unique code on each of the prints, then you will have no other option but digital printing. Hence, choose this option when you are looking for short run posters. Here are some advantages of digital printing:

  • The most important thing about digital printing is that it is cheaper than offset printing, if just single copies are needed.
  • You can print whenever you need. The turnaround time is really quick and even some last minute adjustments can be made.You can print smaller quanitities with ease. Even if you want two custom posters, you can get it all through digital printing.
  • You can vary your data capabilities.
  • The quality of prints is improving by the day.

Offset cheap custom posters in bulk

Cheap poster printing in bulk can only become possible when you opt for offset printing. Some people and businesses need large print runs. The size and quantity of the prints is usually high and so is the quality of each print. These days offset posters are only being ordered in large runs because of which it is also known as bulk printing. In offset printing, an aluminum plate is used to create an image on a blanket made of rubber. Then this image is transferred on to sheets of paper.
The name offset is derived from the fact that the colors or the image is never actually transferred on the paper directly. However, the quality of prints is exceptionally good when it comes to offset poster printing. If you want larger quantities of printed materials with the most professional quality of prints, then offset should be your first choice.

Here are some advantages of using offset printing:
  • You can really print posters cheap with offset printing. Larger quantities of print can easily be printed for an economical price when you opt for offset printing solutions.
  • Offset provides you the highest print quality. The color fidelity and color detailing is better in such prints.

How to print custom posters cheap online?

As we mentioned above, it is quite easy to find a number of cheap online poster printing options. If you are looking for very small volumes like 1, 2 or 5 pieces of printed materials, then you should opt for an online digital custom posters printer that can provide you great quality prints. They usually offer their printed materials on a ‘per printed item’ basis. Hence, you would only pay for what you get. However, if you need larger volumes of posters cheap, then you should opt for custom poster printing in bulk offerings. They would be offering you cheaper printing for 100 printed pieces or more. The more you order, the lesser you will have to pay for each item.

If you pay attention to the price quotes offered by Chilliprinting, you will find that 100 offset posters are already cheaper than 10 digital printed posters elsewhere. Therefore, if you are not very specific about the quantity and if you would like to go for cheap poster printing, then you should always print 100 offset posters rather than 10 digital short run posters.
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