Learn How to Create Your Files With Correct Dimensions

One of the most common issues we see is that files are used with dimensions not fitting to the format of the ordered product. Read about everything to take into account in terms of file dimensions.


Where to Find the Dimensions of Your Product

We are providing file specifications for each product on our website below the product calculator and in the shopping cart next to the upload panel.

Final & Bleed Size

Generally there are two file dimensions you need to take care of. FIrst, the final dimensions are the size in which the product will be delivered. Second, the bleed dimensions are defining the size in which you’ll need to create your print file. These dimensions are larger since they include the bleed which will be trimmed off after printing.
For example, if you choose to order a product with the final format 8.5’’ x 11’’, your file should have the dimensions 8.7’’ x 11.2” including a 0.1” bleed on all four edges.

The Bleed Will Be Trimmed Off

The bleed margin is important to avoid thin white edges on your printed product caused by a certain tolerance of the trimming machine. Usually this bleed will be trimmed off completely, thus, it should not include any text or otherwise important design elements. To prevent a white border being visible on the edges, please fill the bleed with the background color or image of your design.

Don't Place Text Close to the Edge

Additionally, it is recommended to keep a security distance to the inside of the final format, usually 1/12” or more. We recommend this for aesthetic purposes because it will look more professional if text is placed with proper spacing, rather than stuck to the edge of the printed product.

Export to PDF

The pdf file format takes care of the different dimensions and bleed settings by including invisible page boxes into the file. Those boxes are by default turned off but can be switched on through the preferences panel of Acrobat Reader.

When exporting to pdf from a professional software, ensure the bleed settings are taken over from the document by enabling the according box in the export settings. Those boxes will then be created automatically and our file check system will be able to detect them in your file.