Chilliprinting Order Placement

First Time Here? Go With Us Step-by-Step Through the Order Process

We make it easy for our customers to place an order on To start, search for the product or service you are looking for by navigating through the left sidebar menu. See this step-by-step guide how to continue for checking out and uploading your file.

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File Dimensions & PDF Boxes

Learn How to Create Your Files With Correct Dimensions

One of the most common issues we see is that files are used with dimensions not fitting to the format of the ordered product. Read about everything to take into account in terms of file dimensions.

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Image Resolution, Color Mode & Other Traps

Optimize the Result by Doing the Correct Things From the Right Beginning

In case you are intending to use images within your layout or you prefer to create your entire design in a pixel graphic software (such as Adobe Photoshop), you will be obliged to choose the resolution settings for your work.

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Print File Formats

Which Is the Best and What Are the Differences?

Jpeg, psd, png or pdf? Generally we define two groups of file formats: Open formats and Postscript formats, however, for professional printing only Postscript files are suitable to ensure a clearly defined result. Examples for Postscript formats are jpeg, tiff or pdf.

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