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Essential Tools for Graphic Designers

Readers and users alike dream to see a visually appealing and interesting content with eye-catching and gripping visuals, whether it’s online or in print. However, the real job lies on the graphic designers to turn this dream into reality. As a professional graphic designer, there are certain essential softwares, hardwares and equipment that I cannot live without. 

As a matter of fact, the days when people used to only indulge in reading content are gone. These days, the site or the magazine they have in hand has to look more enticing than the actual words published on it. In order to grab their attention for a longer period of time.  

Graphic designers need to use certain tools in order to create a layout with intriguing visuals as well as adapt the images and texts to suit the users. The latest graphic market trends call for every graphic designer to invest in the latest design tools, devices and technology in a bid to create designs that grab a significant number of potential clients.

Today, we are going to explore the 12 essential tools for graphic designers that will render a professional appeal to your graphics. 

1. Photoshop 

This incredible tool also offers basic features like channel mixing, perspective correction, and even clone stamp tool. Photoshop is considered one of the best graphic design tools running on both Mac and Windows. With Photoshop, you get other useful add-ons like one touch adjustment, cropping, panoramic image option, and so much more. 

Photoshop makes photo editing an interesting endeavor. Whether you are a seasoned graphic designer or not, Photoshop has automatic photo editing options that infuse life to your images, making you a pro in your field of graphic designing. The Business Print experts use Photoshop to integrate multiple images and even filter out unwanted objects from the image. 

2. Pixlr 

A Pixlr editor is a very useful tool for graphic designers who use Photoshop. This amazing tool not only opens .PSD files but also keeps hold of all the artistic layers. 

Pixlr is a great alternative to Photoshop for clients who have straightforward image editing prerequisites, including such things as crop and resize. This fine tool provides all the functionalities you need without having to bother about an extra graphic design software license to uphold. 

3. GIMP 

Also known as GNU Image Manipulation Program, GIMP graphic design tool is a perfect alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It incorporates the photo manipulation feature for creating crystal-clear graphics. The GIMP has a totally customizable interface along with the full-screen mode that enables you to view and edit the image simultaneously. 

This graphic design software has extensive features that provide a unique experience. It can run on OS X, GNU/Linux, Windows, and other Operating Systems. It is hands down one of the most excellent graphic design software whose cross-compatible platform provides a strong support. 

4. ProofHub – Proofing Tool 

ProofHub is a wonderful proofing tool that allows design teams to manage their tasks with zero hassle. Clients can use this proofing tool to explain or request for minor changes to be made, such as adding color and shifting texts to the required portion of the design. 

ProofHub eliminates the need for using emails, approval or feedback while also reducing the time the entire process consumes. This online proofing tool allows you to effect instant changes to your file, add comments, and even highlight some flaws you might have noticed in the design. 

5. DesignBold

DesignBold is another user-friendly graphic design tool for creating stunning images within a specified number of drags-and-drops. It has plenty of design resources including an enormous library of 12,080++ customizable layouts that will enable you to craft the design elements on your own. 

As an example, DesignBold allows you to create several types of visuals like a logo or a header to your website content. It is a fast and cost-effective tool suitable for beginners and professional designers. 

6. Illustrator

Illustrator is a fantastic graphic design tool for creating topography, sketches, icons, and other complex illustrations for videos or mobile. You can use it to create artwork with immaculate configuration by sketching pixel-perfect shapes. The Illustrator makes designing faster than ever before. 

The Illustrator features numerous plugins for turning a blank page into a seamless looking one. It has plugins designed for Ai versions as well as a host of features designed for new versions like Creative Cloud. As an integral part of the Creative Cloud, you can use the Illustrator on both Mac and desktop. 

7. Marvel 

Every experienced graphic designer will tell you that prototyping is a fundamental part of design these days. Marvel is the best prototyping tool that allows you to create anything from scratch as well as sync all designs directly from your cloud storage. 

Marvel Canvas is a great tool for sketching the prototype and adding gestures and conversions to your design. It has a simplified interface that works well for both advanced UX folks and non-designers. 

8. Inkscape 

Inkscape is a specialized tool for vector art enthusiasts as well as graphic designers who utilize SVG format. It is compatible with Mac, OS, Linux, and Windows. 

It is capable of directly editing the source code for a blog, whether or not you are a professional graphic designer. Inkscape is also simple to use when it comes to making illustrations, coloring or sketching. The availability of the Ghostscript extension .eps makes it easily readable. 

9. Pixelmator

From time to time, graphic designers have to showcase their innovation as far as image editing is concerned. Pixelmator Pro is an excellent graphic design software featuring simplified editing tools along with intelligent image editing features. It has an elegant single window interface that allows you to build up multiple projects using intuitive tools like resizing, moving, and arranging layers. 

Pixelmator Pro also includes an assortment of handcrafted tools whose effect can bring out the flawless painter in you. Due to the presence of dual textures, these brushes can give an exceptional dynamic blend to your artwork. Using this image editor tool is a surefire way to make your design look as beautiful as possible. 

10. CorelDraw

Corel graphic design software is great for aspiring designers searching for a graphics editor with the ability to generate infinite designs with no restrictions. CorelDraw can hone your design skills because it has some cool productive functions, unlike many other vector editors available out there. 

CorelDraw gives you the utmost control so as to realize fast and dynamic results. This vector object editing software is comprised of tools like Attract, Repel, Smear, and Twirl. Also available is the Alignment Guide for positioning objects based on your requirement. It can support apps like Duplexing wizard, Barcode Wizard, and Bitsream Font Navigator among others. 

11. Palleton 

We all know that colors can bring life to any design concept. Every designer needs a superior color scheme to be able to create amazing color combinations that match their unique designs. Palleton is a fantastic color scheme tool that helps you come up with perfect color combinations for your artwork. 

With Palleton, you will be able to create amazing combinations by choosing your desired colors on a color wheel as well as selecting from some tried and tested color combinations. These include Adjacent Colors, Monochromatic, Tetrad, Triad, and Freestyle. 

12. Cheetah 3D 

The 3D art is gaining immense traction and popularity in the world of design. With the Cheetah 3D hack design toolkit, you will be able to craft unique 3D artwork for your first animated character or next iPhone game. This impeccable design toolkit is packed with a breath of extraordinary features for carrying out a myriad of graphic design tasks. 

Cheetah 3D design toolkit enables you to create models in 3D. With absolute ease regardless of whether you are new or experienced in the graphic design scope. It comes with a seamless combination of a powerful UV editor and a node based materials system for creating amazing pictures that can mesmerize clients, colleagues, and friends. 

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