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One of the oldest methods of advertising that’s still in use today is the flyer. It may be hard to believe in a world that has gone digital in all aspects. But flyers still hold a solid position in the marketing landscape.

While some entrepreneurs think that flyers are no longer relevant, facts prove otherwise. The preference for something tangible is still there. Many people still want something that they can touch, feel, and keep. Flyers are cost-effective and can be used in a multitude of ways.

Why Use Flyers?

Flyers come in two main types—the addressed mail and the door drops. As the names suggest, the addressed mail has a specific recipient while the door drops go to random addresses. 

According to a Data & Marketing Association research, almost 50% of the respondents claimed to have read addressed mail. More than 60% of those who received door drops declare to have read the flyers. They are still a powerful marketing tool and worth adding to your strategies.

Here are 20 ways you can use flyers for your business in the new year:

1. Introduce Your Brand

Whether you’re new in the market or reinventing your brand, use flyers to spread the word around. Create your flyers to include your company logo and colors to imprint your brand identity in your prospects’ minds. Write a brief introduction of your mission to let them know who you are.

2. Introduce Your New Products or Services

Use flyers to tell consumers that you have a new product or service to offer. Don’t forget to include the features of your products to encourage people to try them. Let them know the benefits they’ll gain from using your services.

3. Show Them What You Can Do

For people who still aren’t aware of what you do, flyers can help tell them about your company. This can be specifically useful for businesses that need some explanation for others to understand. If you’re an SEO service provider or in the fintech industry, flyers are advantageous.

4. Get Into the Holiday Spirit

Treat every holiday as an opportunity to remind people about your business. Design flyers that correspond to the holiday to get you into the spirit. Consumers most likely spend during the holidays. It pays to be in the minds of consumers in their spending moments.

5. Invitation to Your Event

Organizing or hosting an event is a great way to market your business. There are countless ways to invite people to your event, but flyers can be useful in spreading the news faster. They are also inexpensive and can stay with the recipient for more extended periods.

Flyers as a Event invitations

6. Give Your Contact Information

Get people to take action by letting them know how to contact you. Create flyers with your contact information, possibly a map of your physical store. For restaurants, salons, coffee shops, and other similar businesses, this is highly recommended.

7. Let People Know About Your Social Media Platforms

Social media has now become a vital part of our daily lives, and it only fits that your business is on it, too. Let people know that you’re on social media by sending them flyers. Include all the channels you have an account in so that they can follow or subscribe. 

8. Ask People to Visit Your Website

You can use flyers to tell everyone about your website. Invite them to visit it to get to know more about what you’re offering. This will get your website the traffic it needs and inform prospects about your brand.

9. Advertise Your Sales and Promos

Who doesn’t like to get discounts or freebies? When having a sale or promotion for your brand, advertise them through flyers. Make sure to design it with eye-catching colors and images that are relevant to your sale.

10. Let People Know You’re Hiring

An excellent way to get talents for your business is through the use of flyers. Let people know that you’re hiring and list the details on your flyer. If you’re an individual looking for work, flyers are a unique way to let people know about your skills.

11. Showcase Your Products or Services

You can use flyers to showcase your full range of products and services. This can help you get more people to know about your wares and entice them to try you out. Send them to your target audience as well as to your existing customers. This will help them discover your offerings that they previously weren’t aware of.

12. Generate Leads

Flyers are a great way to generate more leads. They are good at building awareness for your brand to make more people come to your store or use your products. Unlike digital ads, prospects can get a hold of your flyer and keep them for later viewing.

Flyer template

13. Show You Care

Building a solid connection with your customers is relatively easy when you show them your concern. Through the use of flyers, you can show them you care by announcing your opening hours during difficult situations. Or that you will still deliver come rain or shine.

14. Celebrate with the Community

Whenever there’s an event happening in your community, let the people know you’re one with them. Offer a discount or send some cheers through flyers. Giving back to the community is also proven to be effective in extending your reach. It helps improve your company’s image and thus, endear you with the locals to make loyal customers out of them.

15. Introduce a New Branch

If your brick-and-mortar store has a new branch, let people know where it is and what it offers. Alternatively, your e-Commerce store can also benefit from a flyer advertisement. This can help attract new customers and try buying from you online.

16. Give Reminders

Some social media platforms offer retargeting features. This helps keep your brand in the minds of those who have shown previous interest. You can do this retargeting by sending out flyers. Do this simply for the sole purpose of reminding them about your brand. It will help them think about your products when the time comes that they have a need for what you’re offering.

17. Make a Statement

A Unilever study estimates that 33% of consumers are choosing to buy from brands that are socially and environmentally responsible. You may want to make a statement using flyers to let people know about the causes you support. If your business is into sustainability, make it known to your customers via flyers.

18. Inform and Educate

Become an authority in your field of business by sharing information. Give valuable data to educate your customers about your products or services. A pet groomer service can teach customers about the proper diet for dogs. A gym owner can inform their clients about ways to keep healthy when working from home.

19. Show Them Why You’re the Best

Consumers want to know, what’s in it for them? Prove to your potential clients why they should pick you over the competition through flyers. It helps to understand what their pain points are and how your brand can address these. Reinforce your company message by using imagery that drives the point to make them patronize you over the others.

20. Incentivize

Create a loyalty or referral rewards program and let people know about it by using flyers. You can include coupons that they can use for their next purchase, whether online or in-stores. Or give them discounts or freebies when they refer a friend. Use flyers as incentives for people to come to your store or use your services.

Final Thoughts

With snappy headlines and striking graphics, you can have flyers that can help you achieve your business goals. Always experiment to know what will work best for your brand. Flyers are still a worthy marketing tool that should be included in your marketing endeavors.

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