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Gift Card Marketing

Gift card marketing is ways of sharing joys. In this consumerist world, you have to keep up and outrun your competition. Providing gift cards will give you the extra edge there. In the digitized world today, people spend more time and consume more data. Therefore, they depend on online services and platforms more often to meet their needs. This is a perfect ground for e-gift cards to maximize their sale and credibility of their brand.

You need to consider the changing scenarios in market trends. Earlier studies conducted by Blackhawk Network shows physical gift cards having stronger preference from consumers even though e-gift cards were becoming popular. But in this post-COVID world, digitalization will become more rampant, thus increasing the scope of e-markets. 

This is a significant change to consider as your profit and loss depend on utilizing your opportunity. Let us see the six best ways to elevate your gift card marketing in 2021 and beyond.

1. Offer Something New To Your Customers

Yes, you might already know this, which makes it all the more possible for you to overlook its simplicity. This is the basics, and you have to get your basics right. Your customers are not just yours. 

They have options to choose from. Therefore you have to keep yourself appealing and offer something that your competitors don’t. If you know the market and scope of your brand and its services, offer gift cards that are personalized and unique. Your customers should feel that they are getting the best offer from you. After all, it is a gift card. Gifts are supposed to be personal and unique; make your customers feel that.

Provide an offer they can't refuse through with gift card marketing

2. Make An Offer They Can’t Refuse

The Godfather knew the significance of this strategy. This step goes hand in hand with the first one. Your ideas and offers must be new and innovative, and that should stand out among the rest. 

Remember, gift cards are ways to persuade your customers to use your services again, and for that, you have to create an impact. People love offers and discounts and are lured towards them. All you have to do is to strategize to offer your brand’s services in a way that people find it hard to avoid you. 

You have to be noticed. Not in an annoying way, of course, but by giving them eye-catching offers. The discounts you offer, the ease of access, and your gift cards’ usability across different platforms determine how your users will find them useful. 

Remember not to make exaggerated claims about your service because once the customer sees you are not what you promise, it could be a terrible blow for your credibility. So make them offers that you are capable of delivering effectively.

3. Visibility Is The Key In The Digital World

In the digital world, the more people see your brand, the better is your chances of making them your customers. Social media marketing and digital marketing are the way forward. If you don’t invest in them, your business won’t be successful. 

Instead of endorsing your brands, try supporting and marketing your gift card because people like to know what you have in store for them rather than knowing what or who you are. Promote your gift cards as advertisements or incentives to attract more customers. 

They have to SEE what you offer. If you have stores, you usually display your gift cards as advertisements in easily visible font and colors to attract attention. Do the same on online platforms. Market your gift cards along with your brands.

This being said, you should never annoy your customers with spam notifications. If you annoy them, that is a sure way to lose a customer.

Loyalty Matters And Make Sure Your Reward It

4. Loyalty Matters And Make Sure Your Reward It

If you have already established yourself as a brand and earned loyal customers, make sure you reward them and keep them engaged. They are your loyal customers, but never take them for granted to remain loyal forever without you offering anything. During these times, physical purchases won’t be much possible. 

Most of your customers will be having digital access through smartphones. Expand your services to reach them digitally. Send them gift cards and incentives so that they can make use of them on digital platforms. Gift cards are gifts and, at the same time, marketing strategies. Use them effectively to reward your customers and make them stay with you.

5. Testimonials

If possible, use testimonials from satisfied customers in the gift cards you offer. It would make them more credible. You have to insert them in your gift cards without ruining its design. Your design also matters. 

Your gift card shouldn’t be crowded. Use genuine testimonials from your customers because they give your gift card authenticity. You have to be credible and appear credible too. Therefore use testimonials.

Adapt to the changes in market

6. Adapt to the changes in market

Earlier, people used to request gift cards mainly during the holiday season. This pandemic has brought a halt to it. Now, the digital market is vibrant and active with plenty of choices. 

You have to adapt. E-commerce is the way forward. Soon when everything gets back to the old normal, people would start shopping and going out again. Even then, digital markets would remain as active as ever. So, if you are a firm with a minimum digital presence, invest more in it. 

Physical gift cards are cool, no doubt. But to attract more youth (who are the majority among the digital users), you have to expand digitally and offer them gift cards to make them your customers or try different variations of getting them, such as participating in surveys at PrizeHog, or by racking up points on shopping sites.


Gift cards are the gateways to a world of perfect gifts. Use them effectively to market your brand and earn customers. Try these suggestions and see how your strategies would make you better profits and customer satisfaction.

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