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Good Card App

Are you looking for a way to measure social impact and corporate social responsibility across the world? The Good Cards is an app that measures the impact of good deeds from individual citizens across the globe. The Good Cards is a real life game that’s all about humanity, good deeds, spreading happiness and kindness. The gamification of positive inspiration allows us to look at the quality of the deed and how that interacts with the momentum of a future act of kindness.


Good Guy - The Good Cards - The App That Tracks Kindness

The Good Cards is important because the positive interactions and the results of good deeds will help to build and restore trust in humanity. Globally, people are facing challenges in our world and society. Research has shown that trust is an essential component of peaceful communities that have strong underlying societal relationships. Gamifying positive individual, and collective interactions, while also being able to measure those actions, allows users to be socially accountable. The Good Cards is able to promote social accountability through the sheer participatory nature of the game. The users participation has an impact on the local and global community. Also, the users participation is transformative of how people participate with social technological games. The Good Cards allows users to prove their own trustworthiness to others through the act of anonymous good deeds.

The anonymity of the player is a powerful strategic way to sustain acts of cooperation among strangers who have no control over the impact that good deed may have on the world. The Good Cards could possibly be the most effective way through a real life game to build social trust. The collective actions of doing good deeds creates engagement, sharing stories of inspiration, and cultivates influential communities of love and kindness.

What it’s all about

What its all about - The Good Cards - The App That Tracks Kindness

The Good Cards is the first game in the world where in real life people achieve good deed missions towards collective goals. How do the missions work? Think of yourself as an anonymous person that’s on a positive mission to do good for others. There are even missions where you will be kind to yourself, the most important person of all. The overall purpose of each mission is to motivate users to do good again and again.

Research found that reflecting on your past good deeds makes you feel selfless and makes you want to help others again. Each mission has a time frame and if completed within the time frame you will receive a reward for being awesomely good and kind. Every good deed that is accomplished on your mission will help towards the collective goal, the bigger picture of happiness and kindness. Studies show when people engage in kind acts they become happier overtime. Every good deed that is accomplished on your mission will help towards the collective goal, the bigger picture of happiness and kindness.

How it works

You can get a good card when you make purchases from brands that support doing good. You can also get a good card by supporting our partner nonprofit organization or you can get it online at www.thegoodcards.com When you receive your good card, scan it in the mobile application. Go on the experience or mission of doing a good deed. Pass the card to the next user. Share your story about the positive impact. Read and see all stories of kindness around the world that you’ve inspired.

How it works - The Good Cards - The App That Tracks Kindness

Collective Impact

Collective Impact - The Good Cards - The App That Tracks Kindness

Experiencing doing good creates generous qualities in people, social interaction and builds networks of positive relationships. Imagine the ripple effect of being kind and generous for many people you may never meet. The Good Cards can also measure how each individual’s act of kindness affects the world and will allow people to see the global impact of compassion, love, and happiness. The Good Cards can also measure the ripple effect of collective generosity and track the continuous acts of good deeds.

What is the collective goal? The collective goal is to restore faith in humanity by doing one million anonymous good deeds. Have you ever been inspired to help another by remembering a time when someone else was helping you? Good deeds create further positive action for other people in the world. Inspiration is key. Something simple such as anonymously paying for a person’s coffee can turn into someone buying groceries for a stranger in Japan. The Good Cards is a fun way to track good in the world and see how good spreads its roots.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR - The Good Cards - The App That Tracks Kindness

The application also measures corporate social responsibility. Why is it important to measure corporate social responsibility? 8 in 10 consumers consider corporate social responsibility when making purchasing decisions, therefore corporations play an important role in social impact. Good Cards will help consumers become more informed about how a brand or company is affecting social wellbeing. Companies that use Good Cards will be able to revolutionize engagement with their consumers. Consumers will be able to see how a company’s good deeds are affecting the community and the world.

Chilliprinting is partnering with the Good Cards to spread more love and acts of kindness in the world. Chilliprinting provides high quality poster prints. They believe in the mission of The Good Cards and Chilliprinting is doing a good deed by helping the Good Cards meet print media needs so more inspiration can spread throughout the world. The Good Cards, transforming social well being, revolutionizing how kindness, love and compassion can spread throughout communities and the world.

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