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Marketing Trends

The most effective marketing is simple, personal and trustworthy. In 2018, this will be more important than ever as new print marketing trends will emerge. With so much going on digitally, if you’re not careful, your marketing will get lost in the noise.

Print marketing can be compelling, memorable and engaging. The simple beauty being that you can reach out and touch it. In all the confusion of the information age, being able to hold something tangible helps create deep connections among consumers and build credibility with your target audience. Moreover, studies suggest that consumers trust print more than any other medium. In fact, 82% of U.S. internet users say they trust print more than digital marketing when making a purchase decision. Clearly, print has an authenticity that digital often cannot achieve.

In recent years, print marketing has seen a renaissance. In 2017, over $15 billion was spent on flyer printing in the US alone, and in 2018, the power of print is set to skyrocket. Blending craftsmanship, intelligent design and compelling storytelling, effective print marketing has the power to engage and inspire audiences. So how are you going to stay ahead of the curve, and ensure that your print marketing is the best of the best?

Always keeping you one step ahead, Chilliprinting are here to bring you the:

Definitive print marketing trends of 2018

1. Simplicity

Less is more – this general rule of design applies to print marketing too

The world is filled with digital chaos, complexity and instability. What many audiences are seeking is a return to honesty and simplicity. Minimalism is the way forward: an image with a clear and elegant purpose will prevail. Keep text short and to the point. Maximize white space and find a layout that’s simple, clean and authentic. Remember, less is more.

2. Personalized Prints

Print is already a highly personal medium, but why not go one step further?. With personalized prints you can reach the consumer on an individual level, and build a meaningful relationship. Techniques like custom poster printing, personalized flyers and direct mail will give your print marketing the edge. If you really want to impress, try gathering online data about your customer’s preferences, and include that in print. Is the product they’ve been researching now available online? Why not let them know with a beautiful flyer?

3. Combining Print with Digital

Print should not be seen as the enemy of digital marketing, but rather as a strategy that can work alongside digital engagement to increase sales. The recent Print in a Digital World 2017 Trend Report tells us that “we are in an information revolution, powered by the intersection of two of the most commanding knowledge transfer mechanisms of our time”. The report also highlights how we can “benefit from the mixing and mingling of print and digital.” New print marketing trends take this into consideration and try to mix print with digital.

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In other words, think of your print marketing as a way to guide your customers towards your website or social media platforms, thereby building a system of brand engagement that runs across online and offline. Remember to include Facebook and Twitter links on your posters and flyers, and if you want to take it one step further, you could use QR codes too. That way your print media can link to all kinds of exclusive content: personalized videos, free downloads, free WiFi, games, maps, surveys and websites. One minute you’re holding a simple, tactile flyer, the next you’re exploring a virtual world of endless possibilities. Bringing potential clients to your digital channels will also allow you to leverage social media marketing tools and other digital software to nurture leads and improve ROI. It’s the ultimate marketing experience.

4. Unique Coupon Codes

Printing coupon codes is a tried and tested marketing strategy to attract new customers and considerably boost sales. But 2018 will see the rise of unique coupon codes, which can be used for so much more. For starters, they generate higher ROI than generic coupon codes. Why? Because they can’t be shared with other customers, and they provide comprehensive personalized details, making customers feel valued on an individual level. Moreover, you can use unique coupon codes to track customers to gain more information about your audience. Code information can thus be used to develop more meaningful B2B relationships, whilst enhancing ROI and customer profiling. Now that is unique!

5. Color

Colors can make or break a good print design.

Color is everything. Your choice of color can make or break a good print design. But did you know that colors have the power to change our mood? Color experts Pantone have released their color trends for 2018, and they’re very intriguing. According to Pantone executive Leatrice Eiseman, if you want to look “resourceful”, go with blues and oranges; yellow is “playful”, pink is “discrete”, and gold is “sophisticated”. Or, you’re hoping to reach a diverse crowd, go with rosy tones; “this palette reaches out and embraces many different cultures”.

Pantone also predicts continued print marketing trends in iridescent color palettes and a move away from pastels towards bright and bold colors. They say, “Intense colors seem to be a natural application of our intense lifestyles and thought processes these days.” Color is a key element to use to your advantage when planning your print marketing for 2018. Choose your color, change your mood.

6. Texture

Studies have shown that haptic (touch) memory is the type of memory that has the strongest impact on the human brain. When we hold something, it resonates with audiences on a deeper level. As we move into 2018, this set to become of print marketing’s most important USPs. By tapping into our haptic memory, print media creates lasting brand awareness. So make sure your flyers, business cards and postcards feel amazing as well as looking attractive. If your print piece looks and feels collectible, customers are more likely to hold onto it longer, thereby cultivating brand loyalty. Add details such as embossing, debossing, raised ink or intricate folds to give it a truly unique texture. And if you’re deliberating over glossy or matte, go matte. 2018 is set to be the year of matte.

7. Foil Stamping

Cold Foil Printing machine working in-line on a manroland press. By Bgilliam90

People are like magpies; they love shiny things. If you want your print marketing to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing, make it shiny. Foil stamping is a very stylish and under-used printing technique, whereby the paper is wrapped in a thin layer of foil film to create a striking metallic effect. You can go fluorescent, keep it clear, translucent, wrap it in dull gloss, or even create a holographic look. Foil stamping looks best over simple designs with thicker lines – especially if you want a reflective effect – and the big advantage of foil stamping is its durability. It makes everything last longer; meaning the message of your poster or flyer will too.

8. Spot Varnish

Want to add emphasis to a specific part of your design? Spot varnishing is the print-coating trend for you. It will add depth and shine to an image you want highlighted. Why not use it to make your logos and brand images look extra vibrant? It creates an image clarity so intense, it’s close to 3D. So your logo will literally jump off the page. Spot varnishing can be done in several styles, including matte. So why not combine varnish emphasis with strong texture?

9. Storytelling

Print is best viewed as an art form. When done properly, a poster can be a work of art, and so can your campaign. A basic call to action is not enough. You don’t simply want to give consumers information. You want to tell a story. Your story.

In 2018, storytelling will be a crucial aspect of print marketing. Think about using strong and compelling visual images to convey some aspect of your brand narrative. Perhaps the image represents your ethos, your history, your future, where you’ve come from, or where you’re headed. Perhaps it simply captures your latest product, or some aspect of your brand character. Now combine this with written copy. Not the kind of informational stuff that everyone’s bombarded with, but the story that makes your brand special. Because everyone loves a good story right?


Print marketing is a unique way to reach a consumer, develop brand narratives and brand loyalty. If you’re looking for a marketing medium that’s personal, has excellent ROI, and creates a sense of trust, then look no further. The print industry has been growing in 2017, and looks to continue in 2018, so stay ahead of the curve.

Make sure your print marketing is simple, personal and tactile. Combine compelling images with matte textures and contemporary colors to make eye-catching custom posters, brochures, and stickers that reinforce your digital marketing campaigns. By following these print marketing trends, your campaigns will be captivating and unmissable, reaching your customers in new and exciting ways. You’ve caught their attention; now tell your story.