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Real Estate Marketing Materials

If you want to be an industry leader in the world of real estate, you’ll need an effective marketing strategy. This means, first and foremost, effective marketing materials. A truly strong real estate campaign will combine the latest in digital marketing techniques with an innovative take on the tried-and-tested strategies of print marketing.

Here to help you boost your brand visibility, ChilliPrinting bring you a guide to the essential real estate marketing materials every realtor must have.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is the perfect way to target potential (or existing) customers. One of the key advantages of the real estate industry being so localized is that you know exactly where your target demographic live, and how best to reach them. Moreover, with increasing amounts of digital clutter, direct marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways of reaching consumers.  

Recent studies suggest that 79% of consumers think that reading mail is more convenient than going online.  Consumers prefer something tangible, that is delivered to their front door. Always make sure your direct mail marketing contains your brand logo, a personal design, your website and your professional social media info.  In this way, you can use the powers of print to boost engagement with your digital content.

There are so many direct mail marketing materials that work. However, when it comes to real estate marketing, we’d recommend sending out brochures, flyers, or postcards.


real estate brochure - 7 Must-Have Real Estate Marketing Materials - Chilliprinting

Brochures are an effective and cost-efficient way of spreading information about the realty market, the benefits of your brand, and the services you provide. Them can be any size, meaning there’s plenty of space to include detailed information. As such, they perform especially well with customers that already have some interest in or knowledge of real estate. People who are looking for houses, or more information about the property market, will jump at the chance to read a brochure from a reputable business. What’s more, a good brochure doesn’t even feel like an advert, because it’s so useful. This tool can be full of information and beautifully designed. Try using eye-catching colors, clear text and a minimalist aesthetic for the best results. You can also check out this blog article to know which are the most popular types of brochures.


real estate flyers - 7 Must-Have Real Estate Marketing Materials - Chilliprinting

Flyers are a great way to pique interest and draw people to your brand. Since they offer less space for information than brochures, they should ideally be more eye-catching and punchy. Design is everything. Lead with images, and be concise with text. Flyers are perfect for displaying property images, price guides, and information about upcoming events. They can be delivered to people’s doors, or handed out on the ground, in places where passers-by are most likely to engage (for example; at property fairs, open houses, or in shopping malls). Make sure your company’s contact information and logo are super clear. If you’re looking for design tips, follow our guide on how to design the perfect flyer, check out these blogs for style inspiration, or try hiring a graphic designer to ensure you have the most aesthetically pleasing flyers.


real estate postcards - 7 Must-Have Real Estate Marketing Materials - Chilliprinting

Postcard marketing is an effective and fun way to spread your message. Postcards are an innovative twist on traditional direct mail materials, which are perfectly suited to the realty industry. Leading with a single image of a property is a bold and simple strategy that’s hugely impactful. With limited space for information, focus on what you have to offer, the properties you’ve sold in the area, and the properties you currently have for sale in their neighborhood. Postcards can be used to do the job of flyers, but in a way that feels fresh and original.

Guerilla Marketing

real estate guerilla marketing - 7 Must-Have Real Estate Marketing Materials - Chilliprinting

Real Estate Signs

A real estate sign is not simply a way of letting people know that a property is up for sale – it’s a highly effective way of boosting your brand visibility in a local area. The great thing about real estate signs is that, as far as the consumer is concerned, they’re already serving a purpose, so they don’t read as adverts. Putting up real estate signs is effectively an opportunity to implement a localized marketing campaign. As such, it is crucial that your realtor signs are high quality and well designed. A bad sign is suggestive of a bad company, but a good sign will send prospective customers straight to your business.

Door Hangers

Door hangers are a must have real estate marketing tool. They’re perfect for direct advertising in an open house, conveying information about the property, and reinforcing your brand image. You can hang them on the front doors of your target customers, or hang them on the doors of properties that are up for sale, so that people can take them away if they want more information. When it comes to design, bright colors and bold text are the way to go. Given the limited space, a simple, minimalist aesthetic will go a long way.

Business Cards

real estate businses cards

In an industry where first impressions can be everything, having a memorable business card is a must. Give yourself an edge by replacing conventional or uninventive marketing materials with something more innovative and unique. A boring card that simply lists your business name and contact details in a small, plain font, won’t be memorable. It will get lost in the pile as soon as you hand it out. Your business card should convey your brand, so think outside the box, and customize your own design to make a strong first statement. Thick and heavy paper tends to look and feel more professional, so if you want luxury, go thick. Finishes and coats can create a dazzling effect, or an understated feel. A matte finish is clean and classic, whilst Spot UV, Inline Foil, and Stamped Foil will make your business card sparkle, and stand out.

Trendy Materials


Add striking images, charts, graphs, and maps to your arsenal, and you will have innovative real estate marketing materials that stand out from your competitors. To begin with, make sure your graphics explain something of value to your target audience, for example, outlining the best areas of your local market. Then try dressing the graphics up in a way that is fun and engaging. For example, you could design a map of the local area, listing the best schools, trendy restaurants, parks, and property prices. When printed, these maps could be distributed at open house events. Or you could post regular digital infographics about the latest property market trends on your instagram and social media accounts. Think visually, and think outside the box. Graphics are a great way to engage consumers, either in print or online.

New Tech

real estate new tech

Revolutions in real estate marketing visuals mean there are a plethora of groundbreaking ways of advertising the services and products you have to offer. Make sure your website is up to date with latest marketing tech, from 3D panoramas, to aerial views and floor plans. VR panoramas provide a 360° view of an interior, complete with interactive doorways that lead to other rooms when clicked. This is an unparalleled tool. It means prospective customers can digitally experience the house, getting to grips with all of the features of the property, and imagining themselves spending time there.

It’s a way for anyone (around the world) to fully immerse themselves in your property portfolio. 3D visualization shows the property with photorealistic quality, whilst turning it into a beautiful, lived-in story. You can achieve the perfect lighting, and add your choice of decor. Using virtual staging technology, you can build a customizable 3D model of your property, and allow the customer to design it themselves. New real estate visualization technologies are always evolving, so keep ahead of the curve, and make sure your business is futureproofed.

Online Materials

Of course, websites are a central component of any real estate marketing materials. This should be the hub through which all marketing is coordinated. You’ll want to expand on this to include email newsletters, blog posts, and social media campaigns. But crucially, you must build your digital materials in tandem with your printed materials. The most effective real estate marketing campaigns will combine both print and digital media, using one to reinforce one another.

As such, make sure your print marketing materials are carefully designed to draw customers to your online presence, and vice versa. You can do this using a call to action – a command that compels the reader to engage with your brand. For example, send out flyers with a message that reads: ‘Find your perfect home now on [our website]’, to lead audiences online. This will be even more effective if you use your flyers to promote an online deal, by printing a promotional code onto your flyer that can only be used online. This way you turn your flyers into digital coupons, and your print campaign becomes the first phase in a fully fledged multimedia marketing strategy.


You can take this a step further using GizThis, a revolutionary platform which allows you to add a wide variety of digital and mobile content to your printed media, without the need for outdated QR codes. GizThis uses image recognition to trigger a digital link to provide further exciting content for your audience. It can be used for any number of things.

For example, GizThis can redirect to an appealing video, an immersive VR experience. Or a limited time voucher / coupon code for an engaging marketing campaign. It can lead to a page that allows pay-per-click donating. Also to a sales page where the customer can directly buy or bid on your listing. Perhaps you even want to interact with your audience via a countdown, poll or game – GizThis makes it possible!. GizThis also allows rapid social media sharing and live listing updates. Useful for house hunters eager to be kept in the loop about price drops or new homes on the market.

You can then track any digital response by your audience via inbuilt analytics; useful for measuring ROI. This way you will end up with a data-rich perspective on your target demographic, which further guides you in nuancing your marketing campaigns.


When it comes to local marketing campaigns. Print materials are a tried and tested way of reaching consumers and getting ahead as a realtor. Do everything you can to create beautiful, eye-catching and informative designs, that will draw your target audience online. Back this up with a comprehensive and intuitive website, that offers all the latest features in terms of property visualization. Make sure you’re following the latest trends and giving your customers the best possible experience you can offer. By combining and coordinating your print and digital marketing materials. You’ll be sure to reach your ideal customers, and gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Now that you’ve identified which real estate print materials you need. Head to our Online Printing Store and get them printed at the best quality and price with Chilliprinting.