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Custom-Sized Posters & Prints

Did you know you can order custom-sized posters and prints from Chilliprinting? We offer a wide range of different print products. Such as business cards, flyers and leaflets, postcards, posters and other business and marketing material. For most cases, our standard sizes will cover your needs. And our highly optimized process guarantees a quality product at a great price is delivered quickly to you.

But our customers are also creatives who know that sometimes, you need to stand out with an extraordinary design that requires a special format. So they often ask us, “What about custom sizes? Can I order prints in an individual format from Chilliprinting, and how?” You can indeed, and the process is straightforward and simple. Let us explain in detail how to order your custom-sized prints from us. And how Chilliprinting processes orders with special formats.

How We Print Individual Formats

If you are already familiar with our print products or have been following our blog. Probably you know that we offer great quality printing at very affordable prices. One of our most successful products, bulk posters, are in high demand. And new customers are often curious if there is a secret behind how our offset posters are fast, high-quality, and cheap all at the same time.

You can read about it in detail in our blog post How Chilliprinting Delivers High-Quality Poster Printing At Such Low Prices, but in summary, Chilliprinting is based on a unique operational efficiency. We use a combination of a standardized workflow and highly specialized offset printing machines. Key products such as our posters are printed on dedicated machines where we have reduced the production costs five-fold. Everything afterwards, from trimming to packaging, has likewise been optimized for utmost efficiency.

Is there a downside to our approach? Maybe: balancing out our efficient operations with flexibility does pose a challenge. But we believe we have a win-win solution where we can offer custom formats without compromising the speed and attractive rates for which our process allows. You see, the more choices for product customization we were to offer on our website, the more attention and time each individual print job would require. This would result in a reduced throughput per hour of our machines, and therefore higher costs. So while quantities and available papers for our print products are set, we still offer custom sizes.

The way we do this is by processing custom orders just like any regular order. And only singling them out after the printing – when it comes to trim them to special size. That way our printing stays as high-quality and cost-effective as ever, and only when it comes to trimming is any special attention required, for which you pay a small extra cost.

Order Custom-Sized Posters From Chilliprinting In 3 Easy Steps

Ordering prints in individual formats is easy with Chilliprinting. Simply follow our step-by-step overview of the process below.

Select Your Products

To order custom-sized posters, you will need to choose the next larger format for your print product. Then add the extra option of special trimming to your desired format. Let’s say you have designed a poster of the special size 22” x 37”. A quick check of our available bulk poster printing sizes will tell you that the two closest available formats are 24” x 36” and 24” x 38”. The first format is obviously too small in height to accommodate your custom size. So you select the next bigger size, in this case 24” x 38”. Select the product, choose among the options for paper stock and pick a delivery date. Then add it to your shopping cart. Repeat this step for as many print products as you want to include in your order.

custom-sized poster printing - chilliprinting
Select the size, paper, quantity and shipping options for your print product first. For size, you need to choose the next larger format than your custom size.

Add Trimming To Special Format

After you have chosen all the print products for your order and selected quantity, paper options and delivery. View your shopping cart. Here you can review the details for each product. If you’re satisfied with your selection, scroll down. Below the item overview, you will find Additional Services.

additional printing services - chilliprinting
Below the items in your shopping cart, you will see Additional Services, where you can choose Trimming to Special Format.

Choose Trimming To Special Format and a dialog box will open. Select all the products you want to print in a custom size. Remember that in the previous step, you should have selected the next larger format available than the final size for your print product. Keep in mind also that trimming to special format is available for all print products. It is not just for posters and postcards.

custom-sized poster trimming - chilliprinting
In the dialog box, you can select which print products need Trimming to Special Format.

Upload Your Files

After you have added Trimming To Special Format for all the products you want to order in your custom size, proceed to checkout. Place your order, then upload the files for your print job. For regular sizes, you can make use of our templates. For special formats, we will print your file as you provide it during the upload, then trim it to your custom size. Please note that you still need to include a 0.1” bleed on all four sides. To avoid any misunderstanding and facilitate processing your order, send us an email after you have uploaded your files and specify your order number and the final format for your custom-sized prints.

custom-sized bulk poster printing - chilliprinting
Before you proceed to checkout, you can review which items in your shopping cart will receive Trimming to Special Format.

What Other Additional Services Can I Add To My Order?

Apart from Trimming to Special Format, there are other options you can add to our print products after you have added them to the shopping cart. Have a look, we offer the following extras:

  • Manual Data Control: One of our experts will technically proof your uploaded files before printing and will watch your order until it ships. In case of any problems, we’ll get in touch and help with corrections.
  • Technical Corrections: With this added extra, you can instruct us to correct printing files which need fixing before they are suitable for offset printing. You can also add this option later if problems are discovered with your files. This service includes converting Office files into print ready formats.
  • Design Services: One of our expert graphic designers will prepare layout and artwork for your print product and finalize it for printing it with Chilliprinting.
  • Translation Services: We have native speaker localization specialists for English, French, Spanish and German who can translate the text for your print product.
  • Proofreading Service: Our native speaker experts can also proofread and correct your printing documents in English, French, Spanish and German.

Why Chilliprinting Is Processing Custom-Sized Posters In This Way

As we outlined above, our printing process is optimized for quality, speed and efficiency so we can achieve a high output at low cost. These savings we pass on to you through our competitively-priced posters and products. As far as the printing goes, our options are set and there are no exceptions. This is why you cannot deviate from the quantities and paper options as you find them on our website for our products.

By fitting your custom-sized posters or prints on the next larger format, we ensure that your special order can be run just like any other print job without compromising our workflow. Only afterwards will we have to treat your order differently and trim it to your custom size. As a result, we are able to maintain the balance between flexibility through individual formats and efficient printing with quality, speed and great prices.

We believe this offers you the best of both worlds, individual formats as special orders and high quality print products at very competitive prices thanks to our professional approach and optimized workflow. Try ordering your custom-sized posters with Chilliprinting now!